My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 294 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 294 Part 1 – Eat My Middle Finger

“No….stop it….”

Sun Zeya suddenly jerked her body straight, then shuddered from head to toe.

She had a blank expression and only recovered from it after a full ten seconds. She then leaned softly against the wall.

She had been made like this by Ling Mo’s abilities in front of him…

Sun Zeya closed her eyes tightly. She could feel that her cheeks had become extremely hot and her legs were still shivering shamefully.

She nervously felt Ling Mo move closer to her, and then gently blew warm air into her ear, making it feel numb and itchy.

“You were curious about my abilities and I believe that I have satisfied you…in all sorts of ways.”

Ling Mo looked at Sun Zeya’s expression with satisfaction. With such a shameful experience, she probably won’t give him any more trouble.

The more she said she didn’t care, the more it told Ling Mo that she did.

For this woman, there wasn’t a lesson more well taught than this one.

But for some reason, Ling Mo felt that Sun Zeya seems to have realized something…

“In the future, don’t try and test my bottom line anymore. This is the last time I’m warning you. Now where is the phone?”

Having explored her whole body and not finding the phone, it was obvious that she hid the phone in advance.

Sun Zeya raised her hand in a hurry and pointed upstairs, “It’s…it’s right in the bathroom.”

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“Now that’s a good girl.”

Ling Mo’s finger moved across her neck and swept past her cherries causing her to yell out.


As Ling Mo gradually moved away and his footsteps eventually disappeared, Sun Zeya’s eyelids moved and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Ahhh! Wuu….”

Sun Zeya didn’t expect that when she had just opened her eyes, there would be a long-haired girl standing in front of her.

Shana covered her mouth with her hand and her eyes had a glimpse of evil, “The person you just cursed at, seems to have been Brother Ling.”

She looked down at Sun Zeya’s untidied look, and her mouth slowly curved upwards.

Sun Zeya suddenly widened her eyes. She shook her head with all her strength, but Shana’s strength wasn’t small even though she looked weak.

In addition, Shana appearance was covered with blood, making it very surprising.

“Wu…What are you…What are you planning to do with me?”

Sun Zeya asked vaguely.

Shana raised her right hand and moved her five slender fingers.

“Although I’m not angry, I still feel that I should teach you a lesson in order to express my dissatisfaction. Here’s a friendly reminder, if I was you, I would hold my breath. Get ready, one… three!”


As Shana’s hands explored downwards, Sun Zeya suddenly tightened her body and her eyes immediately widened…

“Huh? I think I just sensed Shana.”

Ling Mo turned his head and looked at the stairs leading downstairs, then shook his head again, “The sense is still very weak. I can’t be sure if she’s nearby. Due to her split spiritual light balls moving at the same time, my senses for her have taken a bit of a dip. I honestly didn’t think of this drawback when I split the tentacles….forget it, this might not necessarily be a drawback. She’s my girlfriend after all, not just a Zombie Puppet…

When Ling Mo opened the door to the women’s bathroom, he was suddenly stunned.

There was a person hanging outside of the window and it looked like he was about to climb in.

That person with the wheat-colored skin and the glamorous appearance was Xia Zhining.

And that cell phone was placed on the sink not far away from her.

“And here I was, wondering why I didn’t see you. It turns out that you were the main event…this plan of yours wasn’t that bad.”

Ling Mo’s pupils shrank and he rushed towards the sink, while Xia Zhining climbed inside from the window.

Ling Mo actually had already grabbed the phone with his spiritual tentacles when he rushed over.

And during the moment when Xia Zhining was about ot grab it, the mobile phone flew directly into Ling Mo’s hands as if it was being sucked in.

“Don’t move” Xia Zhining immediately looked at Ling Mo and said, “I can burn it at any time.”

“Stop the bullshit, you can’t burn anything unless you have direct contact with it.”

Ling Mo smiled and said.

If her ability could have been used without an item, why didn’t she just directly burn the zombie’s brain instead of using a dagger or a pistol.

Xia Zhining’s face suddenly sank, she pulled the leather gloves on her hand, and then rushed towards Ling Mo without saying another word.

to be continued…

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