My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 294 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 294 Part 2 – Eat My Middle Finger


Ling Mo moved his head slightly and Xia Zhining’s fist smashed into the wall.

The five pieces of iron covering the glove immediately left five black marks on the wall.

“You really want to fight me?”

Ling Mo suddenly showed a hint of helplessness.

“Show me your skills.”

Xia Zhining said coldly, while at the same time, lifted her leg up to kick Ling Mo’s waist.

Seeing her attack without mercy, Ling Mo also became a bit angry.

He had originally wanted to leave some face for her…

As every attack Xia Zhining launched so far has continued to fail, her attacks suddenly became even more violent.

Her moves were very quick and clean, unlike Shana who had so many different martial art skills. Her style of fighting was more realistic and pure.

Whenever she punched out, Ling Mo could feel heat coming towards him. There were even sparks of fire in the air.

These sparks splashed all over Xia Zhining’s body, and soon the leather clothing she wore was filled with small burn holes.

However, Xia Zhining seems to be unaffected by the high temperature, her skin didn’t show any burn marks at all.

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Ling Mo had been avoiding the attacks since the beginning. He had been concentrating all his spiritual power as he calmly observed Xia Zhining’s movements.

This kind of fighting technique that lacked fancy moves was much more efficient than the various attack methods Ling Mo had learned on his own.

Ling Mo would eventually move once he found a flaw in her techniques.

He was waiting for the right opportunity, but at the same time, he was also studying Xia Zhining’s fighting techniques.

Xia Zhining would never expect in a million years that Ling Mo, who was a powerful psychic, was actually learning her moves in secret!

Seeing Ling Mo dodge her every attack and not fighting back, made Xia Zhining have a strong sense of powerlessness.

Xia Zhining was frustrated due to her inability to hit Ling Mo, causing her attacks to become more wild, allowing flaws to also appear.

“Right Now!”

Ling Mo turned and avoided a heavy punch from Xia Zhining. He immediately extended a spiritual tentacle, entangling it around Xia Zhining’s ankle and tugged hard.

Xia Zhining didn’t expect for such a strange situation to suddenly appear, her body immediately lost its balance and she fell hard backwards.

But just when Ling Mo was preparing to jump up and start beating her body, Xia Zhining held the ground with her hands and completed a beautiful backward bridge posture, which stabilized her body from falling to the ground.

When Ling Mo was about to launch his punch, hot air suddenly appeared from Xia Zhining’s navel, and the leather clothing that was covering it had immediately burned a big hole.


Ling Mo quickly pulled back his arm and at the same time slammed his leg into Xia Zhining’s lower calf.

Originally Xia Zhining had wanted to push herself back up, or simply do a backflip, but for some reason her hands and feet seemed as if it was being tied down by some invisible force.

“What kind of superpower do you have? Gravity?

Xia Zhining struggled furiously as her lower calf let out smoke.

The situation became a bit strange in an instant. Although Ling Mo had tied down Xia Zhining, smoke would begin to appear wherever he tried to attack.

Xia Zhining’s physical strength was starting to weaken, and her arms began to tremble.

However, Ling Mo’s spiritual strength was also being rapidly consumed, and he had even started to feel some pressure from his temples.

“I will give you one more chance. Can you just give up?”

Ling Mo rubbed the area between his eyebrows and asked.

Xia Zhining had smoke coming everywhere from her body as if she was like a steaming sauna. The leather clothing that she wore on her body was full of holes, it was almost as if she was wearing lingerie.

Ling Mo couldn’t help but start to have some weird thoughts due to her current posture.


Xia Zhining’s body was very flexible. Although she couldn’t move any of her limbs, she could still raise her head.

Noticing Ling Mo start looking at her as if he had already won, Xia Zhining immediately gritted her teeth and said, “I will not give up! You are just a…. I am a soldier!”

“You mean a soldier that wasn’t properly trained for this?” Ling Mo smiled and said, “What did you want to say about me? I’m not a soldier? I’m just a regular citizen?”

“It doesn’t really matter, you can’t do anything to me either, let’s just see who can last longer then. You should already know that if let go of me, I’m going to beat the shit out of you!”

Ling Mo loosened his fist and then walked next to Xia Zhining.

Her whole body was covered with hot air, making Ling Mo feel parched.

“Remember this, you were the one that forced me to do this.”

Ling Mo’s eyes was looking at Xia Zhining’s navel and slowly went lower until it reached a special place, “You can’t possibly have smoke come from here too can you?

Saying this, Xia Zhining suddenly became horrified as Ling Mo suddenly struck out and said, “EAT MY MIDDLE FINGER!”

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