My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 295 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 295 Part 1 – Extremely Poisonous Flower

A few minutes later, Ling Mo appeared at a big entrance.

Chen Youdong and the others were waiting here. Zhou Guocheng was sitting on the steps.

His arm was obviously once again suffering from a wound. He had only applied some simple dressing towards the injury and his face looked a bit pale.

Seeing Ling Mo walk over, Zhou Guocheng lamented, and handed over his mobile phone, “I surrender, I don’t want to fight against you.”

At this time, they finally noticed that Xia Zhining was walking not so far behind Ling Mo.

No one knew where she had found a coat, but she was covered by it and her face looked pale.

“Captain Xia actually lost too, kid, I really admire you.”

Tom laughed out loud, “Seeing them all get their asses handed to them, I suddenly feel much more better. Even if you gave me an extra two kicks I wouldn’t….Wait, No…I haven’t even fucking said it yet, can you not act like your about to kick me again?!”

Chen Youdong walked towards Xia Zhining with concern. He had wanted to greet her, but when he got close to her, he couldn’t help but take a sniff at the air and ask, “You couldn’t have burned your hair, could you? But…your hair looks fine?”

“Um what happened…to person behind you?” Lin Tianxiang widened his eyes and asked.

They immediately turned their eyes towards Ling Mo, revealing looks of inquiry.

Seeing that Xia Zhining rushed to give him an urgent look, Ling Mo couldn’t help but smile.

Ling Mo of course didn’t go overboard and reveal what had happened. He decided to leave her with some pride.

After all, she was the captain of this team, and her previous actions at the time were only just threats.

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Of course, Ling Mo still had thoughts of revenge. He was still a bit uncomfortable that they had planned something against him.

Ling Mo originally had planned to stop his actions when he was just about to touch her. If by that time she still refused to give up, he could only use his tentacle at that time to knock her out.

Ling Mo still had certain reservations and didn’t wish to use his abilities unless it was necessary. Not to mention, the opponent was also a psychic.

Unless there was no other options, he didn’t wish to use his spiritual tentacles to attack Xia Zhining.

But he could never have imagined that when his finger was five centimeters away from Xia Zhining, her special area suddenly burst into flames…

Although her skin wasn’t burned by the flames, her hair unfortunately didn’t inherit that special trait.

Xia Zhining trembled from head to toe, then gritted her teeth and glared at Ling Mo.

“Why are you looking at me for? It’s not like I’m the one that burned it.”

Ling Mo tried to hold back from laughing as he said this.

This woman sure was stubborn, she really actually burned that area….

“Close your damn eyes! No… Let go of me! And if you dare tell anyone….”

As black smoke rose up, Xia Zhining’s special area was completely exposed to Ling Mo…

“Then does that mean I won?” Ling Mo asked seriously.

Xia Zhining frantically struggled a few times, but with Ling Mo closely staring at the area that was letting out smoke, it gave her a lot of pressure.

“YOU WIN!” Xia Zhining screamed angrily.

After releasing Xia Zhining and helping her find a dress, Ling Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief.

You could tell from her behavior, Xia Zhining wasn’t a woman who couldn’t afford to lose.

Although she was very depressed, but she was very calm when she looked at Ling Mo’s eyes.

The most important thing was that her spiritual light ball activity was very calm. Ling Mo had spent a bit of spiritual power to examine it.

In this competition, Ling Mo saw the Falcon camp’s attitude towards him.

He was just an ordinary citizen that they could test, besiege from all sides, and even target.

In the eyes of ordinary survivors, Ling Mo may look frightening, but in the eyes of such an army, Ling Mo was just a vulnerable individual.

How could these members still have this kind of attitude, let alone they were also elites?

In fact, Ling Mo could have won this competition in a more gentler way, but he didn’t do that.

He ended up showing a tough attitude, with sufficient power to crush their strength, and clearly telling them of his neutral standpoint….

After Xia Zhining or Chen Youdong reports the results of the hunting competition, he would become much heavier in the eyes of the Falcon Camp.

“Once they settle in X City, there would be fewer and fewer survivors acting alone like me. Most of them would probably join them. From the looks of the it, the Falcon Camp isn’t only after the cities resources, but also the survivors, especially the ones with superpowers.”

Ling Mo sighed in his heart. He urgently needed to make himself and the rest of the girls stronger before the Falcon Camp grows…

“When I was fighting, I accidentally burned my pants.”

Seeing Chen Youdong and Xia Zhining look at each other, Ling Mo explained casually, “Isn’t it obvious? Captain Xia used her ability…”

Chen Youdong frowned in confusion and seemed as if he wanted to ask something again.

But the side door was suddenly pushed open, and Shana came out from the other side, making Chen Youdong’s words get stuck in his throat.

To be continued…

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