My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 295 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 295 Part 2 – Extremely Poisonous Flower

Shana’s appearance was a bit shocking. She was covered with fresh blood from head to toe. Her long black hair was draped over her back and that pale white face of hers was overwhelmed with a creepy smile.

This appearance of hers made her look like an extremely poisonous flower, which made people unable to stop looking at her, but at the same time, they would feel a deep cold chill.

She slowly walked in front of Ling Mo and reached out to hold onto Ling Mo’s head, before giving him a deep long kiss.

“Were you a good girl this time?” Ling Mo touched Shana’s cheek and asked.

“Of course.” Shana smiled slightly, then kissed him again and whispered, “But I’m all covered in blood.”

“I will wash it all off you.” Ling Mo winked and said.

The others were surprised that when Ling Mo looked at Shana’s eyes, she became full of tenderness and was very focused in Ling Mo.

“I suddenly like this kid again.”

Zhou Guocheng rubbed his chin and smiled with satisfaction, “If he could look at my daughter with that look of his….”

“Yes, if he did look at your daughter like that, he would definitely be a fucking pervert. Did you forget your daughter is only ten years old!”

Lin Tianxiang rolled his eyes at him and said, “I hope I can find a woman that would look at me the same way….It’s not possible for me to be single for forty years, right?!”

“En, that’s because you won’t live that long.” Tom laughed and said, “How can Ling Mo have three woman like that?”

Lin Tianxian pushed up his glasses and said, “Are you envious and hateful, or just jealous…”

“JEALOUS YOUR SISTER! Today, I will definitely beat your ass! I have a captain’s rank and I order not to run!”

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Tom yelled and rushed at Lin Tianxiang…

At this time, another person’s shadow quietly came out from the side door.

Sun Zeya was wearing a dirty raincoat. Originally she was walking with a limp and now her limp turned into something even more weird.

Seeing the romance between Shana and Ling Mo, Sun Zeya’s eyes couldn’t help but became a little dazed.

However, when Shana let go of Ling Mo and turned to look at her, she couldn’t help but shiver and quickly turned her eyes away.

After holding her clothes together, Sun Zeya slowly jumped over.

“Team member Sun, are you okay?” Chen Youdong quickly asked.

Sun Zeya lowered her head and avoided the eyes of Ling Mo and Shana and whispered, “I’m fine….. My clothes were accidently torn.”

“What? How did you both get your clothes ripped today?”

Zhou Guocheng’s unintentional words, scared both Sun Zeya and Xia Zhining at the same time.

Both of the women’s actions were somewhat abnormal. Although Chen Youdong and others were suspicious, they didn’t have the balls to continue asking so they gave up.

After returning to the hotel, the rest of the team members curiously asked about the results of the contest, making all the members of the Falcon team, including Chen Youdong, very embarrassed.

Ling Mo sat on the sofa and took out six mobile phone from his pocket. Shana also took out her mobile phone and gave it to him.


The onlookers were suddenly surprised and widened their eyes, while Chen Youdong and others lower their heads in shame.

“That…That means, in addition to Ling Mo’s girlfriend still keeping her mobile phone, all your mobile phones were all taken away by Ling Mo. But….but…doesn’t that mean captain and vice captain also….”

A team member stammered.

He didn’t even get to finish his sentence and Zhou Guochen had already kicked him on the ass, “We don’t need you to repeat that again!”

Another team member began to check the photos on the phone. He looked at it very quickly and the more he looked at the photos, the more surprised he looked.

“This mobile phone has the most photos stored in it, this is number two.”

He pushed the two mobile phones to the side. Chen Youdong and the others looked at each other, and then turned their horrified eyes towards Ling Mo and Shana.

The owners of these two mobile phones were exactly the two of them.

“Not only that, the number of photos for both phones is more than the sum of the other five phones.”

The team member carefully said.


Xia Zhining immediately let out a deep breath, and she suddenly brushed herself and stood up, staring at Ling Mo before saying, “I have accepted my defeat.”

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