My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 296 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 296 Part 1 – Conflict….And Reunion!

Early the next morning, a man covered with mud and blood stains appeared at the hotel.

The team members who stood at the door showed a very dreadful look when they saw him, and made a military salute.

But this person only nodded in response and his expression looked very cold.

Rushing non-stop over here caused his eyes to be bloodshot, but the way his lips were tightly closed, made him look serious and old-fashioned.

“Huang Zhendong, the Yellow team’s leader? You must of put a lot of effort to come all the way over here, I didn’t expect for you to arrive so soon.”

Chen Youdong quickly went up to meet him and stretched out his hand.

They had waited in the lobby early in the morning and when they saw Huang Zhendong enter the entrance, their expressions became a bit depressed.

Huang Zhendong glanced at him coldly, then turned his eyes to Xia Zhining and Tom.

“You guys should have prepared a detailed report be now right? As an one of the first investigation teams, you guys came to X City with so much confidence. Yet, it resulted in one team being completely destroyed and two others completely disabled. This news of this incident has already traveled back to the camp. Do you know how bad the impact is?”

“I’m sorry.”

Big man Tom revealed a sorrowful look and whispered.

Xia Zhining bit her lower lip and didn’t speak.

“I hope that you guys exchanged great intel for lives that died. Every qualified soldier was our precious asset, you guys should understand this.”

Huang Zhendong said in a very bad tone.

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Chen Youdong immediately took out a mobile phone from his pocket and handed it to Huang Zhendong, “These are all the photos we collected, including all the types of zombies that we have encountered so far. The camp should be able to analyze the information we collected to find a suitable method to combat against them.”

After taking the mobile phone, Huang Zhendong immediately opened it and searched through it. During the time he spent to look through the phone, the atmosphere in the entire lobby had become very heavy.

“That’s the deputy leader of the intelligence team right?”

Wang Heng stood on the other side of the lobby and whispered to one of the members around him.

“That’s right. Many people in private call him the grim face team leader.” the member nodded and said.

“Grim face? Thats sounds quite amusing.” Wang Heng said.

The member immediately shook his head, “It’s not amusing at all! This nickname isn’t for nothing. He’s cold-blooded and ruthless. If the upper management sent him this time, that means that this incident is very big. But if we think about it, it’s true. Many people died on this mission….Your leader Tom is in deep shit, and our captain is also in deep shit as well.”

“Really? He looked quite ordinary. Besides, this is neither Tom’s fault nor is it Captain Xia’s fault.” Wang Heng somewhat disagreed.

“If he could speak reason, he wouldn’t be called grim face.” The member lowered his voice and said, “I heard that he went through a very bad experience, but then again, I’m pretty sure everyone has gone through a bad experience for those that are still alive today. Either way, try not to provoke him.”

By this time, Huang Zhendong had finished seeing all the photos in the mobile phone. He immediately took out a small bag from his pocket, put the phone inside the bag, and then placed the bag into his backpack.

“I’m not sure whether this intel can make up for your mistakes, not to mention whatever I say can’t be counted. But I hope that you guys will at least be mentally prepared of what might happen.”

Huang Zhendong revealed and unpleasant tone, “There were so many people who died in this mission. There are already many people who are wondering whether the problem is your commanders.”


The hot tempered Xia Zhining couldn’t help herself and wanted to walk forward, but was caught by Chen Youdong.

“Yellow team leader, since it’s only a speculation, there’s no need to speak it.” Tom’s expression also turned ugly.

He and Xia Zhining felt uncomfortable as captains for losing most of their team members.

Yesterday’s hunting competition, although it had some hidden agendas, it still at least also allowed him to vent his frustrations.

Being kicked twice by Ling Mo, made Tom feel much better.

He had wanted to give himself two punches on his own face, and Ling Mo had basically fulfilled his wishes.

But for this kind of scar, he wouldn’t allow outsiders talk about it.

Huang Zhendong glanced at him indifferently and said, “I just want you guys to understand your situation. Also, where is the psychic who’s taking the opportunity to extort us?”

“Opportunity to extort?” Chen Youdong was stunned.

to be continued…

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