My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 296 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 296 Part 2 – Conflict….And Reunion!

“Yes, I don’t think the benefits he brings is worth the price we pay. He is just a psychic, and had never been trained. If we possibly can’t do anything, how could he? To be honest, I have always felt that this “fair” exchange between psychics and us is very…stupid. We honestly don’t need unstable people.”

Huang Zhendong said without hesitation, and based on his tone, he was very disgusted with this whole exchange.

Tom immediately widened his eyes angrily, he was clearly calling Tom stupid right in front of him.

His cooperation with Ling Mo was the first example of a fair exchange between the camp and psychics, and he was also a loyal supporter of this strategy.

“You believe that it’s not worth paying him for this? Didn’t you just say that every life in this team was important? Well let me tell you that if it wasn’t for Ling Mo helping the team search for medicine, we would have lost five lives already…probably even more!”

Tom couldn’t bear it any more and took a step forward, “In the process of rescuing us, he dragged the leader of those monsters! Without him, we would have been wiped out, and this information would not have been preserved! Not only that, most of this data was collected by him!”

After yelling out everything, Tom felt much better.

Although all of the things he just blurted out were Ling Mo’s contributions, but being able to refute Huang Zhendong on the spot allowed Tom to feel refreshed!

Huang Zhendong was actually stunned for a moment, then he showed a sneer and shook his head, “You’re actually flaunting the achievements of….an outsider, what’s the point?”

“In the future when we have established the isolation zone, those survivors who remained outside of the zone are potential threats. People are ambitious, especially those who fail during peacetime…Those with no real purpose, no real home, and special abilities would become terrorists. Do you understand?”

Huang Zhendong didn’t bother to conceal the disdainful look on his face. He continued, “Once the isolation zone is established, they will blame us that we have all the weapons and the food…Yet we will also work with them? You want to talk about fairness with them? These people are cockroaches! Rats! They could bite us at any time!”

“People aren’t always so evil, you can’t think like that because of your own personal experience…”

Chen Yondong hadn’t finished speaking when Huang Zhendong suddenly swayed, then grabbed his collar, and his expression became twisted, “Not so evil? Hehe! Those trash weren’t so evil? If you know my past, then it’s best to shut your mouth!”

“Yellow team leader, I honestly don’t care about what happened to you in the past, but please let go of my vice captain. I won’t necessarily report you for attacking my colleagues, but I will definitely let you test my strength here.”

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Xia Zhining clenched her fist and stared coldly at Huang Zhendong.

The atmosphere became extremely cold for a moment. Huang Zhendong stared at Xia Zhining for a while, then slowly let go of Chen Youdong.

“You guys are also losers…” Huang Zhendong showed despise then snorted and asked, “Where’s that….psychic?”

His voice had just fell when he heard a cold voice coming from the direction of the restaurant in the hotel, “I think you’re looking for me.”

Huang Zhendong immediately turned his head in amazement. He couldn’t believe it. The voice was less than 20 meters away from him and he didn’t even notice when this person had appeared here!

But when he saw Ling Mo’s appearance, his face became even more ugly.

This ordinary youth had no special features on his face, he wasn’t tall at all, and could probably be considered more ordinary than any person that was present in the room. He was wearing brand new camouflage clothing from head to toe and the hat he had in his hand was spinning rapidly.

If it weren’t for those deep eyes of his, this young man would have been like an unremarkable gravel, and he would have never found him in the crowd.

“You look a little familiar…” Huang Zhendong frowned and said.

“And here I was, thinking what kind of rich or powerful being would despise ordinary people….It seems that you don’t remember me…”

Ling Mo stopped rotating the hat with his finger, and a pair of eyes stared coldly at Huang Zhendong, “But this tone of yours is indeed your style, Teaching Director.”

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