My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 297 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 297 Part 1 – Horror Clown

“You used to be my student?”

Huang Zhendong sat on the sofa and looked at Ling Mo somewhat surprised.

“No, I just used to study at the school.”

Ling Mo coldly said, “So you don’t count as my teacher.”

Huang Zhendong’s words were very disgusting to begin with, but when Ling Mo saw his appearance, he suddenly thought that these words were normal for someone like him.

As the most annoying teacher in his middle school days, Huang Zhendong gave him a very deep impression.

This person couldn’t be counted as too old, he was nearly forty years old, but he was old-fashioned and his words were always harsh.

His behavior today was more excessive than before, at least before his attitude had only been aimed at students, especially weak students.

Huang Zhendong’s definition of a weak student wasn’t just someone who got poor grades, but also included students that came from a poor family background or students who were very disobedient.

Ling Mo was the kind of student that was in the middle, very ordinary and unremarkable.

Although Ling Mo occasionally entered Huang Zhendong’s sight from a couple of fights, but he didn’t remember Ling Mo, nor did he care about him.

But for the previous Ling Mo, the words that Huang Zhendong said to him in the past had made him remember him clearly.

“Your parents are dead? No wonder…”

After whispering, he showed a very disgusted expression, then shook his head.

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During that time, he had controlled himself over and over again from rushing directly and punching him on the face.

If he had done it at that time, maybe his parents would have been even more humiliated.

This incident left a deep impression to Ling Mo, who was still young at the time, for a long time, but as he grew older, Ling Mo didn’t care about it no more.

In this world, there were many disgusting people and Ling Mo wasn’t the kind of person who would want to kill someone for revenge because of one sentence.

But who would have thought that after a few years later, he actually came across this disgusting piece of shit again!

“It seems that your attitude isn’t very good. I don’t remember you, which indicates that you have no strengths. You actually got superpowers, how lucky of you.”

Huang Zhendong quickly recovered from his surprise, and once again displayed a very grim face and said with sarcasm.

Ling Mo coldly laughed and said, “It’s amazing how you could also get abilities, since you’re always such a rude asshole…Actually you could have just used that disgusting mouth of yours to disgust zombies to death. Having superpowers is really useless for someone like you.”

“Well I think that’s enough, I don’t want to reminisce. Since we aren’t familiar with each other, there is nothing to say. Let’s talk about business.”

Huang Zhendong didn’t seem to care about the sarcasm coming from Ling Mo. He took out a plastic bag from his backpack and handed it over to Ling Mo.

This was Ling Mo’s reward for this time, which included two soft bulletproof vests, top quality knee pads, and a type of bracer armor.

But the most important thing was the piece of information inside, and also an identity card.

This information was all the information on the zombies, mutant beasts, and the outside world that the Falcon camp has learned so far.

The identity card that was given to Ling Mo was offered by Chief of Staff, Su Qianrou. It could prove that he was a partner of the Falcon camp. In the future he would be able to enter and exit the isolation area and avoid the unpleasantness that might occur if he hadn’t had this card.

Adding these two things together was a big gift.

Truthfully, what Ling Mo had done for this reward wasn’t really worth this kind of gift.

But as the first attempt to do this kind of cooperation with the Falcon Camp, Ling Mo had done an exemplary service.

Moreover, he also provided them with the source of the mutant zombies.

However, in regards to the Spider Queen, Ling Mo hid a few things.

Looking at Ling Mo look through the information, Huang Zhendong showed a trace of impatience.

He stared at Ling Mo and couldn’t help but mutter, “Based from your contributions, the value of these things you got were worth more…”

“You’re just a leader of an intelligence team, but it was your Chief of staff that decided to negotiate this exchange with me. Do you have any opinions? If you do, go talk to your Chief and stop bitching to me.”

Ling Mo finally couldn’t help himself and closed the information and said.

Huang Zhendongs face was gloomy, but he didn’t speak again.

The intel he got was filled with a mixture of information. Although Ling Mo had only scanned through it to confirm that he had gotten the right thing, he still spent almost twenty minutes scanning through the data.

Ye Lian and the other two women were probably bored upstairs, so they took the initiative to go downstairs and find Ling Mo.

As soon as they appeared, almost everyone that had gathered in the lobby had turned their eyes towards them.

Beautiful and refined faces were certainly a factor of attraction, but the most important thing was because of their unique temperament.

Huang Zhendong was not an exception, although he only glanced at them, but soon he became surprised and his eyes opened wide.

“You….” Huang Zhendong stood up in shock and then locked his eyes on Li Ya Lin. “You’re …. Li Ya Lin?”

to be continued…

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