My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 297 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 297 Part 2 – Horrified Clown

Ling Mo, who was enthralled by the information in his hand, immediately put it down when he heard this sentence.

“I can’t believe that you are still alive!”

Huang Zhendong was very excited as he went up to Li Ya Lin. He looked up and down at Li Ya Lin and said, “I remember that you went to find work at X City University. How did you survive? Wait a second, why are you here?”

He noticed that Li Ya Lin looked at him with no interest, and soon saw her look over to Ling Mo.

Following Li Ya Lin’s gaze, Huang Zhendong suddenly became stunned, “Are you with this person?”

Li Ya Lin looked at Huang Zhendong coldly and nodded, “Ling Mo is my boyfriend.”

After she finished speaking, she walked to Ling Mo, then got in middle between Ye Lian and Shana, and then touched Ling Mo’s face.

Seeing Ling Mo embrace three beautiful girls at the same time, one which was a student that he had thought was very good, made Huang Zhendong stunned.

He then showed a very disgusted look and muttered, “This is just the look of a loser who got himself a little bit a strength.”

“Can you confirm the information faster!”

Huang Zhendong glared at Ling Mo and said.

Then he looked at Li Ya Lin with a complicated look and shook his head.

Based on the look in his eyes, he probably thought that Li Ya Lin used her body and beauty in exchange for protection from Ling Mo.

This originally good student who once made him very satisfied had now belonged into the category of trash, just like Ling Mo.

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Ling Mo naturally knew what this mean middle-aged man was thinking in his mind.

This man treated his own way of thinking as the right way, and would criticize others and deny them of their efforts…

In reality, there were many people like Huang Zhendong who had this kind of thinking.

“This is what you get when you work with psychics…”

He finally couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He shook his head and whispered with a sigh.

The tone in his voice seemed as if he was just sighing, but to Ling Mo it was more like a vicious tone which made him frown.

“No problem.” Ling Mo stood up and said.

Huang Zhendong waved his hand as if he was shooing a fly, “Then hurry up, I still have things to discuss with the people in our camp.”

Ling Mo smiled coldly, but just as he passed by Huang Zhendong, Huang Zhendong suddenly grabbed his chest, then widened his trembling eyes as he became paralyzed in his chair.

However, Ling Mo didn’t return upstairs with Ye Lian and the other two women, nor did he look back at Huang Zhendong.

“Yellow team leader, are you okay?”

A member of the team quickly helped Huang Zhendong up and asked.

Huang Zhendong rubbed his chest. He had felt something smash itself on to his chest. Then his mouth felt as if it was being torn open by an invisible hand, which made his expression look horrible and funny at the same time.

Even the few members who ran over to him couldn’t help laughing.

The look on his face was the same as a clowns, just a horrified version of it.

Huang Zhendong wanted to yell out Ling Mo’s name. He knew that Ling Mo must have done something, but he wasn’t able to speak because he mouth was being pulled apart.

Even his tongue was being pulled out, and when he felt that his tongue was close to being ripped off, he became horrified. Fortunately for him, just as it was about to be ripped off, it was violently released, and at the same time, his mouth was also immediately released as well.


At the moment of biting the tip of his tongue, Huang Zhendong finally made a scream.

By this time, Ling Mo and his party had already disappeared at the corner of the stairs.

“It’s not a good feeling when you bite your tongue.” Ling Mo smiled and whispered.

Shana covered her face with a grin and asked, “Won’t he hate you? Do you think he will report you?”

“This kind of person is someone that hates people the moment he sees them. If he hated me already then it doesn’t make a difference. In addition, he’s not the type to talk about things without evidence.”

Ling Mo shook the identity card, “He thought he was noble and glamorous, when in fact, he was just an underling. In school, he didn’t dare try and offend the principal. In the camp, he wouldn’t dare offend the chief of staff. Do you think they would have a bad relationship with me for a problem that had no evidence? He might stupid, but the chief of staff isn’t stupid.”

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