My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 298 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 298 Part 1 – A Trash Should Have A Trash’s Death

After picking up the packed backpack, Ling Mo took Ye Lian and the girls to Xia Zhining’s room.

It was a suite in a five-star hotel, which was both the room for Xia Zhining and the meeting place for the others to gather together.

Sure enough, the person who opened the door happened to be Chen Youdong. In the room, Lin Tianxiang and the others were still sitting. Even Tom and Sun Zeya were there.

When the door opened, Ling Mo caught a few words from their discussions, and it was obvious that they were discussing things about Huang Zhendong.

When Sun Zeya saw Ling Mo and Shana, her posture immediately became very unnatural, and her cheeks turned red as she turned her head to the side.

Xia Zhining on the other hand, seemed to be calm. In her opinion, although the situation was awkward at the time, a loss was still a loss.


Chen Youdong let Ling Mo and his party come in and handed him a few bottles of water to him, then apologized, “I’m really sorry, the yellow team leader has a very sharp tongue. You must be really pissed off right now?”

“Yes, that mouth of his is poisonous, I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear him. But how can someone like him be a leader of a team? Not only that, it sounds like a very high position also.”

Ling Mo sat on the sofa and asked.

Chen Youdong suddenly showed a hint of hesitation, but Tom said with anger, “That’s not correct, he on the same level as us. But he’s in the intelligence group, and the people in that group are all disgusting.”

“Intelligence group?” Ling Mo curiously asked, “Do they…collect information on zombies?”

Chen Youdong originally had wanted to stop Tom from continuing, but seeing that angry expression of his, and then thinking about the look Huang Zhendong gave, Chen Youdong sighed and stopped talking.

Tom shook his head, “Hmph, aren’t we the ones that collect the information?  The intelligence team collects information on us. For example, if a new person decides to join our camp, they will come and ask them some questions. If that person is a psychic, they would record your abilities in detail.”

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Having said up to this point, his tone suddenly rose and he said angrily, “But their main task is to monitor our actions! They claimed to say it’s to enforce discipline, but in fact it seems to me that they are trying to purposely find faults! For example, this time, I think he would like to us to hold responsibility for the deaths of our team! In order to calm down the people up top, he will definitely come up with a way to give an explanation. Who knows, maybe we might be sacrificed…”

“Cough…Cough..”Chen Youdong still couldn’t help himself and coughed to remind Tom who was currently still venting.

Tom glanced at him and the coldly snorted again.

He didn’t seem to have vented enough yet, and couldn’t help but whisper a few more words, “Why can’t we speak in front of Ling Mo? Do you think he would go out and tell everyone? Stop being so cautious. Besides, he can help us testify.”

“Eh….” Ling Mo was stunned.

The Falcon Camp’s internal situation was actually so complicated.

This intelligence team was a load of crap. It was obviously the product of an internal power struggle.

Ling Mo couldn’t be bothered with this stuff since it was probably even more complicated that it seems.

But from what he could tell at a glance was that whether it was Huang Zhendong or this intelligence group, the people in these search and rescue teams were sworn enemies.

The only reason why they didn’t dare offend Huang Zhendong right now was because they were afraid he would say something bad about them.

Ling Mo suddenly felt that him not joining the camp was the best decision he made.

“Humans….” Ling Mo turned and glanced at Ye Lian and the girls, and suddenly agreed to what they said.

“That Huang Zhendong is very hateful person, as long as he finds a weakness, he can make it seem as if your a piece of trash. His way of talking is on another level, he can make a unintentional statement have a much deeper meaning. Even if you know you haven’t done anything yet, he will describe it in advance and say that you will end up doing it.”

Lin Tianxiang wiped his glasses on the side and coldly sneered, “He really can piss people off.”

“He’s a little bitch.”

Ling Mo noticed that almost everyone that had mentioned Huang Zhendong had gnashed their teeth.

It was surprising to know that even though such a person didn’t make any moves, he was still actually even more disgusting than a zombie.

Hearing him speak one sentence could make people angry all day.

Although Ling Mo wasn’t the type of person to stay calm after being provoked, but he wasn’t stupid enough to break his connection with the Falcon camp because of one person.

Meanwhile, in the lobby……

Huang Zhendong, who had lowered his head and was putting together information, then put it inside a folder, and called a team member to come over, “Protect this information, no one is allowed to see it. If I come back and find traces of it being read, you will be sent back to camp and punished to stay there indefinitely.

“Yes Sir!”

After watching Huang Zhendong go to the bathroom, the team member immediately showed a disdainful look and spat, “Fuck him, who does he think he is!”

“Your not going over there to look?”

Another team member who was standing by the door made a gesture and asked.

“It’s not like he’s going to fall inside the toilet. What’s the point of being going over there? To look for more ways to suffer?” said the man.

The man rolled his eyes and at the same time pretended to have fallen inside the toilet. A few of the members in the lobby suddenly snickered at his actions.

To be continued…

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