My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 298 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 298 Part 2 – A Trash Should Have A Trash’s Death

At this time, Huang Zhendong had entered the bathroom. He closed the door behind and then stood in front of the urinal.

Because of the lack of water, a very pungent smell had filled the bathroom.

Huang Zhendong frowned and opened his zipper to prepare to pee.

But what he didn’t notice was that the lock of the bathroom window was slowly turning a bit.

When the lock opened, the window was silently opened without anything touching it.

Then a person silently climbed into the bathroom through the window…

“Ling Mo…ah yes, now I remember, he was that loner.”

Huang Zhendong said to himself, “I would never have thought that Li Ya Lin would also be ruined by him. Trash will always be trash, and even if they got powers, it just makes them a bigger piece of trash. Cooperating with such people is like inviting a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I think I need to have a discussion about this when I go back this time. Such people can’t be controlled by the camp making it a potential threat and threats should be removed…”

As he lowered his zipped, a figure suddenly flashed behind him.

Huang Zhendong immediately turned his head sharply, but didn’t see anything.

But then he noticed one of doors from the bathroom stalls seemed to be shaking slightly, as if someone had just moved it.


Huang Zhendong pulled out his dagger making a “Shua” sound, then slowly walked towards the bathroom stall.


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When he kicked open the door of the bathroom stall, he found out that there was no one inside.

But it was at this moment when suddenly a figure jumped from above and immediately landed behind him.

A huge force pushed Huang Zhendong immediately forward. Without waiting for him to turn around, the figure grabbed his head and pressed him into the toilet.

The rotten stench made Huang Zhendong immediately hold his breath. His reaction was very calm. The dagger in his hand immediately flipped backwards and he plunged it into the figure’s stomach.

Then he fiercely twisted the wrist of the attacker in order for the attacker to let go due to the pain.

But what surprised him was that no matter how much he twisted the wrist, pulled out the dagger and plunged it in again, the figure didn’t budge!

“This knife is stained with zombie blood, and with such heavy injuries, even if you don’t mutate, you’re going to die! Who are you! Is it Ling Mo? How did you get past all those guards outside the hotel!”

Huang Zhendong shook his head hard, and used his hand to provide support in lifting his head with great effort, “You want to die with me? If you kill me now, you will die as well! Your women will also die! The camp will kill you! You fucking trash!”


The sneak attackers voice was like a tape that was being scratched, “You…you..think to highly…of…yourself…”

Huang Zhendong became stunned. He jerked back and saw an extremely scary face.


Huang Zhendong suddenly widened his eyes wanting to yell more, but the attacker strangled his neck and pressed him into the toilet again.

He wanted to cry for help and he wanted to struggle as well, but the strength of this hand was too strong. Not only that, his head was inside the toilet covered with sewage, which made his voice unclear.

The dagger in his hand was constantly stabbing the attacker behind him, but all this was in vain.

Huang Zhendong’s eyes rolled to the top and then his body twitched a few times before never moving again.

“Gu Gu”

The zombie that was standing behind Huang Zhendong looked down at it’s belly which had been stabbed numerous times, and then turned it’s bloody red eyes towards the window again.

His long, soft, sausage-like arm immediately flew forward, and then a “BANG” sound was heard.

At the same time, as shards of glass splattered on to the floor, the eyes of this zombie also recovered it’s violent color.


Several members who were carrying guns, rushed towards the bathroom…

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