My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 299 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 299 Part 1 – Satisfied With My Handiwork

A mutant zombie who had bypassed the patrol that was stationed around the hotel, had happened to run into Huang Zhendong who was in the bathroom.

After hearing the window being broken, the guards that were on duty in the lobby immediately went over to check.

But when they had finally killed the mutant zombie that had been seriously injured, they found out that Huang Zhendong had already been drowned to death in the toilet.

“That’s all you guys said in the report? Hey! Does this report sound funny to you? You sure that the intelligence team won’t go crazy after hearing this report?”

Tom leaned against the wall and watched as several members lifted Huang Zhendong’s corpse and suddenly couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose.

Xia Zhining coldly snorted and said, “Who can be blamed for his bad luck? Besides, the situation is exactly how it was reported. I also would have wished that he had fought with the zombie for over three hundred rounds, but the fact remains, he was indeed drowned in a toilet that was completely full…unless they believe that this is also our fault as well?”

“The intelligence team this time will feel very ashamed…” Lin Tianxiang held his glasses and happily gloated.

Zhou Guocheng looked at him contemptuously and said, “Dr. Lin, I didn’t think you were actually such a sinister person…”

“Fuck off, are you telling me that he didn’t deserve to die?”

“Of course he deserved it! I really love this zombie brother, although it must have been unintentional, but he still did a good job!”

Zhou Guocheng laughed unscrupulously until Chen Youdong glared at him.

Seeing that Zhou Guocheng shut his mouth, Chen Youdong looked up and saw Ling Mo and his party coming down from the stairs.

Although this incident seems to be an accident, but for some reason, Chen Youdong felt that things weren’t that simple.

Even though Ling Mo’s ability was really strange, he couldn’t possibly influence the actions of zombies could he?

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Zhou Guochen was more likely to attract zombies, but when this incident happened, they were all in the same room…

“In any case, just submit it according to the facts. The people above wouldn’t blame us a result. Besides this person is dead.”

With this in mind, Chen Youdong threw these thoughts to one side.

Ling Mo reached out and rubbed his eyebrows, and his eyes flashed with a touch of tiredness.

Taking control of a mutant zombie to kill someone was still very consuming for Ling Mo….

“We should also get ready to leave.” He held Ye Lian’s hand and said.

All potential threats had been taken care of which also meant that they should be leaving.

When Ling Mo and his party were surrounded by the crowd of members, Sun Zeya leaned on one side and looked at Ling Mo with a complicated look.

She couldn’t help but look down at her body then think of the feeling she had at that time.

“Are you satisfied with my handiwork?”


A voice suddenly popped out from behind and scared Sun Zeya.

After she screamed, she glanced at Shana while covering her chest and subconsciously pulling her legs together, “Why aren’t you saying bye to them?”

Shana tidied up her hair a bit then coldly said, “I don’t like being surrounded by too many people, it will make me uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, that makes sense, all three of you avoid crowds.”

Sun Zeya glanced at her and said.

Her cheeks couldn’t help but turn a little red, and her eyes couldn’t help but look at Shana’s fingers.

How could those pale and delicate fingers, have so much force, that they could pull all those little hairs out one by one…

“Although the three of you were always so strange, I still wanted to ask…”

Sun Zeya frowned and said, “Why do you all like this guy when the three of you are all completely different?”

After asking the question, Sun Zeya immediately blushed and she became very embarrassed.

She couldn’t believe she actually asked the question. Could Shana see the reason why she asked this question?

If she understood her reason for asking, would she pull her hair one by one…

But she soon became relieved, it seems that Shana was a bit slow and couldn’t understand the reason why she asked.

“Because if there was no him, there would be no us today. Moreover, we have experienced many things together and will experience even more in the future.”

Upon saying up to that sentence, she suddenly paused for a moment then muttered, “Ha…it’s rare for them to find something they can agree on. I can’t believe that I am willing to pay with my life for one person, to die for him…I finally found their common point! It seems that no matter who I am, the feelings towards him are all the same!”

“To…to die for Ling Mo?”

to be continued…

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