My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 299 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 299 Part 2 – Satisfied With My Handiwork

Sun Zeya wanted to laugh, because even before the apocalypse, she didn’t believe that there was such a thing called love.

Could it still be called love when everyone does the same thing?

At least Sun Zeya didn’t believe that there was because every man who had ever talked to her, had their eyes stop on her chest.

They were all just craving her body, hoping to fuck her in bed after gifting her one or two designer bags or even a mobile phone.

The women she saw always claimed that men were all unreliable, but as long as the men were rich, they couldn’t wait to get closer to them.

After seeing the ugliness of too many men and women, Sun Zeya no longer believed that she could find pure love in this city that was full of craziness.

But Shana’s eyes looked very serious, which made Sun Zeya feel a bit awkward.

Even though she had been an inch away in front of Ling Mo, even…reaching the peak of happiness, her body which was enough to drive many men crazy, didn’t seem to cause any interest in Ling Mo.

Maybe Ling Mo might have had a physical reaction, but she could definitely tell that he had no emotional reaction towards her.

This made Sun Zeya feel very frustrated and very unwilling to accept, but when she saw how Shana was extremely serious when she said that sentence, Sun Zeya suddenly understood.

As for the rest of Shana’s words…She had said a lot in which Sun Zeya couldn’t understand, and wished that she could have said a few more words.

“I….I suddenly feel that you aren’t so hateful after pulling out my hair….” Sun Zeya smiled and said.

Shana’s eyes quickly turned cold. She looked at Sun Zeya indifferently and said coldly, “The word hateful in my mind means something bad. So, unless you want me to pull out the hair on your eyebrows one by one, try saying that again.”

As she said this, she stuck out her pink tongue and licked her lips, then even showed a devil-like smile.

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Sun Zeya immediately felt her back turn cold. She immediately shivered and shook her head, “I must of been dreaming! How could Ling Mo’s girlfriend be innocent! I finally know why they can love each other! It’s because they are both fucking crazy!”

Saying goodbye to everyone was actually a kind of torment for Ling Mo. When he pushed away Tom, who had tried to hug him, Xia Zhining came over and handed him a carton.

“What is this?” Ling Mo opened and asked.

Based on the appearance it seems that there was a radio inside.

“This was one of my things, but I know that the leader of the yellow team had said a lot of offensive things, so….”

Xia Zhining pointed at the radio and said, “This is a hand-cranked electric generator as well as a universal radio. Over here is a led light for emergency lighting. There is also a mobile phone charging cable here. This handle allows you to generate electricity by turning the handle. In addition, this machine can also be plugged in with aa batteries. Three of them is needed if you don’t wish to use your hands. But most batteries that are still usable is really hard to find.”

“This…this toy is really useful!”

Ling Mo revealed a very pleasant look. The machine was small and beautifully designed. It probably costed a lot before.

He had never heard of this thing, nor had he ever seen it before.

“Yep, you can use that to also get in contact with us, but the downside of it is that your hand might get tired.”

Xia Zhining said.

“That won’t be a problem.”

Ling Mo was very satisfied when he put the machine into his backpack.

Why would he worry when he could find a zombie to help turn the machine?

When Ling Mo left with his group, their backpacks were much more full than when they had came.

Especially Li Ya Lin, who somehow managed to grab a can of meat from god knows where.

“You actually stole….Come here Senior Sister, I will help you open it…”

Ling Mo hadn’t even finished speaking when he suddenly heard a “Ka-Cha” sound.

Li Ya Lin hands were full of oil and meat. The canned food had been completely squeezed. Li Ya Lin looked at Ling Mo innocently and said, “I didn’t use any strength.”

Ye Lian moved closer and started to sniff the meat on Li Ya Lin’s hands. She then she stuck out her tongue to pick up a piece of meat and swallowed it in her mouth, “It’s good….very delicious.”

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