My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 30


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 30 – To relieve, or to abandon?

For safety’s sake, Ling Mo left Ye Lian inside to stay and care for Shana, this way even if Shana suddenly mutated into a zombie, he could immediately restrain her through Ye Lian. On the contrary, Ling Mo knows that he needs to rest, instead of guarding Shana. Ye Lian as a zombie, she is much more stronger and sensitive to her own kind. As soon as Shana turns into a zombie, Ye Lian will immediately alert him.

As soon as he walked out of the door, Liu Yu Hao jumped straight at him anxiously: “Big brother Ling, how is Shana?”

“Right now is uncertain.” Ling Mo was completely honest. Shana’s situation is just way too mysterious, not even a zombie master like himself could predict Shana’s prognosis.

Seeing Liu Yu Hao full of concern, Ling Mo was moved “If Shana mutated, what will you do?”

“Ah?” Liu Yu Hao is suddenly stunned. But on the way to here, he was thinking this problem in his mind. If Shana started to mutate, should he kill her to put her out of her misery, or to leave her to die, like what happened to Lu Xin? But until Ling Mo asked this question, Liu Yu Hao painfully discovered that, he still does not know what to do!

“It’s alright, don’t think about it, let’s talk when she awakes.” Ling Mo seeing that Liu Yu Hao with such concern, whole person is going into a daze, could not help but to sigh secretly, reached out and patted on his shoulder. But as he brush past him, Ling Mo lightly added another phrase: “If it was me, even if the girl I like has turned into a zombie, I will not give up on her.”

Liu Yu Hao is immediately shaken up! Even if Shana would turn into zombie, he would still not give up…..

Even though this was only a lightly spoken phase, Liu Yu Hao stood there for a while, letting that idea ferment in his head. In his mind, besides the thought of killing Shana, there is only the thought of abandoning her, but he never thought about to work hard for her….Indeed, among his knowledge, turning into a zombie is a one-way road, explaining the devastating effects of this outbreak on humanity.

But without hope is one thing, he did not have the thought of working hard for her, this to Liu Yu Hao is most terrifying.

For a time, Liu Yu Hao could not help but raise his hand, and gave himself two hard slaps. But the pain is on the face, his heavy mood, did not become more relaxed because of this….

At this time Ling Mo has already walked to the balcony, through the windows and looking outside. From far away he could see numerous zombies wandering inside the campus of Third High School, most likely attracted by those fresh corpses. There are also some zombies inside the district, but the numbers are small. Even though there are not that many zombies within his vision, but Ling Mo is sure that as soon he or his group makes any unnecessary movements, there will be at least hundreds of zombies flowing out of the school into the apartment.

Just within this apartment, it is unknown of how many zombies there are, maybe there are even mutated zombies. As far as Ling Mo is concerned, this is really living inside the nest of zombies.

Touching the gels in his chest, Ling Mo had to suppress his to immediately evolve. Right now Shana’s situation is unknown, and he and Ye Lian must stay alert at all times, conserve strength. If they faint at this time, who knew what would happen during that time period?

But Shana is showing strong desire for those gels; this fact really puzzled Ling Mo. She obviously still has some of her senses, and did not completely became zombie, more like in the process of mutating, but why is she so interested in the gels? It was known that Ling Mo who as a normal person almost fainted when he only smelled the gel a little, not to mention swallowing this kind of thing into the stomach.

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Even for Ye Lian who is a mutated zombie evolved several times would not be able to swallow two gels in such a short period of time. Even swallowing one gel will take a long time to digest. Of course with the growth of strength, the time in which Ye Lian’s need for the next gel is also shortening, but compared to Shana’s case of swallowing two gels less than half an hour, still has a big difference.

On Shana’s body, just what is happening that people don’t know about? Through Ye Lian’s perspective, even if he is at the living room, he could observe Shana’s current condition, but just like when he left, Shana seemed to be in deep sleep, without a single movement.

This kind of situation is making Ling Mo somewhat depressed, he feels that hours have passed when it has only been 30 minutes.

Seeing Ling Mo and Wang Cheng all holding their own thoughts, but all quiet, Wang Cheng who is beside them is like sleeping on a bed of nails. He is also restless, not just for Shana, but for himself who does not know the future.

Even though he predicted that Lu Xin would eventually become insane and try something like infect Shana, he still felt like he wanted to slap himself for what he has done to his greatest friend.

Ingratiate himself to Ling Mo? It’s not difficult to tell from Ling Mo’s practical and sometimes callous attitude that it is almost impossible to seek food from his hands.

Wang Cheng right now knows that he is completely out of options, he knew that with his own lack of fighting ability, it’s best to not to anger Ling Mo and stick with the group for the immediate future.

Deciding to help out the group somewhat, he started to clean up the  suite voluntarily.  Although there was no evidence of any humans nor zombies, there definitely has been a struggle, as shown by all the overturned furniture as well as several dried bloodstains. Even though it’s not possible to completely clean it up, but he could still try to make the environment better.

Wang Cheng’s charity did not go unreturned, when the sun started to go down, Ling Mo threw him a bag of cookies and a water bottle.

This is much more useful than scavenging for scraps! After Wang Cheng took the food, he immediately revealed a hint of joy, but then he looked deeply at Ling Mo. No wonder Ling Mo did not care about the food given by Liu Yu Hao, he has his own food supply. Looking at that bag’s size and fullness, the food in there could at least last for a week…..

Wang Cheng knew that Ling Mo did not just scavenge all those supplies on his own.  No wonder that in the end of the world, strength is first, and not just to fight off zombies….

Liu Yu Hao originally wanted to say that he does not have any appetite, but Ling Mo looked at him with disdain, and said: “tonight we will be taking turns to stay on guard, if you don’t eat and sleep, what if something happened during your shift guarding?”

“Eh….”Liu Yu Hao suddenly could not argue back, after been silence for a while, he grabbed the food from Ling Mo’s hand, “I am sorry, I will eat.”

The way he eats is that he chews very detailed, slow speed, this movement is the same as Wang Cheng. In fact before mastering the zombie puppet techniques, Ling Mo also ate like this.

Eating slowly is the only way to feel as full as possible through the small amount of food.

“By the way, is big sister Ye Lian not going to eat?”  Even though Liu Yu Hao’s mood is twisting, but did not forget his character as a baby sitter, after just taking a few bites, he turned to Ling Mo and asked.

The food that Ye Lian wants to eat, besides the gels, most likely is the meat off your own back….Ling Mo twitched his mouth, stood up and walked to that bedroom: “I will go check on Shana’s situation, and to see if there is a corpse to feed to Ye Lian.”

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