My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 300 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 300 Part 1 – Outpost Discovery

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The next few days, Ling Mo and the girls continued their journey at dawn, and sparred at night, with the girls using his tentacles.

The destination of their march was the boundaries between “A City” and “City X”.

In this day and age, where no TVs, nor newspapers were available, if Ling Mo wanted to know the progress of the of the isolation zone at Falcon camp, he would have to go there to see for himself.

However, he didn’t intend on making contact with them, he only wanted to get a grasp of the situation.

Meeting Huang Zhendong and knowing that there were other members that were just like him, was a wakeup call for Ling Mo.

He just couldn’t put the safety of the girls and himself, in the hands of someone else.

Naturally, that wasn’t the only reason. The other, was to try and get as far away as possible from that ‘black widow’.

Although the blood he had collected was temporarily enough for his uses, he still had more important matters to take care of. He had no time to play around with the Spider Queen.

“What kind of city is A City? I…I seem to recognise some … some of it.”

Ye Lian curiously asked as she hung on to Ling Mo’s neck.

“A city… I remember to have relatives living over there.”

Li Ya Ling revealed a pensive look and said, “The air is good over there, there’s also a big reservoir, many buildings have a vintage design, and it can be considered a five-star tourist city.”

“Why was the most important part of the introduction put at the end?”

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Ling Mo sighed then said, “But that’s not important. The key point is that some in the Falcon camp are obviously not friendly towards people like me. They want to have absolute control, just like dictators, and won’t tolerate any threats, even if the threat was just imaginary. Although Huang Zhendong’s words were disgusting to hear, they probably represented the thoughts of some of the high personnel within the camp, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to sit in that position with that kind of attitude.”

“More importantly, we can’t let them know about your situation. They already have a virus lab. I need to know the extent of their knowledge on zombies and what kind of methods they have that can be used against you guys. Once X city falls under their control, I will inevitably have to contact them.”

Ling Mo shrugged and said.

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Shana nodded and said, “En, if they knew zombies like us were actually with a human being, and also cooperated with their camp, I think they would lose their sanity.”

Her eyes glinted and stared at Ling Mo with a cocky smile.

The past few days, she had been looking at Ling Mo with this kind of look, no matter which personality was in control.

Ling Mo felt very strange, but when he inquired, Shana refused to answer him, and said that she would tell him later, with that same smile.

Ling Mo continued, “In short, we can’t just leave ourselves unprotected against them, not to mention based on previous experiences, the most untrustworthy are usually the leaders. They  crave for ever growing power.”

Finally, they had reached the edge of the city. There was one bus station and several universities, but they were far apart from each other.

Other than that bus station, the other zombie infested areas like the universities were far from the main road, which meant that zombies were rare on the main road.

Ling Mo spotted several off-road vehicles with the Falcon logo and even trucks outside the bus station.

He acted quick, found a nearby zombie and took control of it. Then he took the girls to hide away in foliage and observed as the zombie quietly approached the station.

The bus station had some coach buses that were parked there. You could obviously tell that they had been abandoned here for quite a long time.

The corpse went across the green belt and then quietly approached the ticketing hall using the bus as a cover.

From far away, he saw two fully armed Falcon soldiers standing in the doorway, while a few others dressed in biochemical suits were lifting two bodies out from the hall and dropping them in front of a truck that was parked at the door.

When the truck slowly drove out, Ling Mo took a glance at the back of the truck and found that it was full of zombie corpses.

Based on what he could see, the battle in the bus station ended a day or two ago and was being cleaned up.

This must of been the outpost that Su Qianrou mentioned. It seems that she wasn’t just all talk, the Falcon Camp’s actions are quick.

After moving the corpse closer, Ling Mo suddenly saw two people in biochemical suits pushing the side door open while chatting and walking in the direction of his puppet.

Ling Mo quickly hid behind the bus and held his breath.

Zombies were quite talented when it came to hiding.

As long as they didn’t attack, their heartbeat would slow down and their breathing would become almost inaudible, which would obviously help them significantly when it came to hiding away from higher level zombies.

And the zombies with intelligence would take advantage of this kind of talent.

“…What the fuck did we catch this time? Is it the same ones that they reported before…”?

One of them seemed very excited. As he got closer and closer to Ling Mo, his voice gradually became clearer until he was so close that Ling Mo could hear what was being said perfectly.

The other person replied, “Mutant Zombie.”

to be continued…

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