My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 300 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 300 Part 2 – Outpost Discovery

Editor: Bobiclun

“That name sounds childish. I honestly think it should be categorized according to its classification.” the man ridiculed and said.

Ling Mo suddenly rolled his eyes. Did it really matter what they called it? Who would care what the zombie was called in battle… (suffice to say his ego took a hit.)

These fucking idiots…However Ling Mo quickly realised.

Could it be possible that these idiots work in the virus laboratory?

Straight after, a person that seemed to be from their team, opened a door from a bus and a low-pitched roar came out.

“Haha, be careful not to kill it.  This time we caught one that was very strong. In order to catch it, we suffered some bad luck and one of us got infected.

“Infected? How did we end up dealing with it?”

“How else could we handle it? He didn’t have the balls to kill himself, so his captain helped free him of that responsibility.”

“Such a waste. We don’t have enough data on the process of humans mutating into zombies…”

As their voices became blurred, Ling Mo thought for a moment.

The two buses were far apart, and it was impossible for Ling Mo to run over without being discovered.

He was also a bit too close to the guard that was guarding the entrance currently…

“Could there be a zombie in that bus?”

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Ling Mo frowned and thought about it. He concentrated on his spiritual force, gathering it together and then extended another spiritual tentacle from the tentacles that were controlling the corpse.

As the tentacle reached the bus, Ling Mo really found a spiritual light ball inside the bus.

“HOLY SHIT….THAT IS AN ADVANCED ZOMBIE! They actually caught an advanced zombie!”

Ling Mo was very shocked, he tried to take control of this zombie, but this secondary spiritual tentacle wasn’t very strong.

It took a full two minutes before Ling Mo’s vision was finally transferred to the advanced zombie; his real body was full of sweat reeling in from the intensive concentration.

The zombie that he was previously controlling, quietly returned to the back of the bus and then hid beneath it.

Ling Mo was scared shitless the moment his vision was transferred to the advanced zombies’.

A face of horror full of acne marks showed up in his puppets vision, scaring the crap out of him.

The man full of acne immediately stepped back nervously, allowing Ling Mo to see his full appearance.

He looked around twenty years old, was shaped like a bamboo pole, and had a face with red acne marks and rosacea.

In his hand held an electric baton. while another person that was larger and older, had opened a medical box and was looking for something inside.

“Monster, still want to bite me? Didn’t you eat enough already?”

The man filled with acne had a twisted smile, as if to cover up his embarrassment. He then struck Ling Mo with the electric baton.

The feeling of being electrocuted immediately came. Although advanced zombies had recovered their perception of pain, but for Ling Mo, it didn’t have much of an effect.

He noticed that the advanced zombie was locked by an iron chain, and both the tendons on the arms and legs had been severed, its teeth were also yanked out, and even the fingers were twisted in odd angles.

Although the broken hands and ribs were slowly repairing themselves, and even the teeth had started in some parts, but the limbs were basically impossible to recover.

Although this evil was done upon this advanced zombie, Ling Mo’s head couldn’t help but start tingling.

If it was Ye Lian that was caught by them….Ling Mo immediately clenched his fist and secretly vowed that this kind of thing must never happen!

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