My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 301 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 301 Part 1 – A Cheater’s Negotiation

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This was the first time that Ling Mo encountered how zombies were treated in captivity.

Obviously from a human’s point of view, there was nothing wrong with what they did, but Ling Mo still felt very shocked and on edge.

The man full of acne continuously used the electric baton to hit the head of the advanced zombie, while the other researched came over and slammed a needle into the arm of the zombie.

After a full tube of blood had been pumped out, the tormented advanced zombie became groggy.

On several occasions, Ling Mo had been prepared to cut off the spiritual connection, but the person who had withdrawn the blood, stopped the man full of acne marks from killing the zombie.

“Killing it is like killing a goose that lays golden eggs. All our high-level zombies that we caught before are dead. This is most suitable test subject up to date! Just thinking about it makes me excited.”

The researcher’s fat face squeezed a smile and then he delicately placed the vial into the box.

Ling Mo noticed that the box was filled with ice cubes in it. Even if they didn’t use liquid nitrogen on the zombie blood, the virus within the blood still held a strong vitality.

“Can you really figure out the active period of the virus after taking a tube of blood at different times of the day?” asked the man full of acne.

“Maybe. Even though I used to be a doctor…I was only a fucking pediatrician! But based on the data we collected now, no matter what kind of zombie it is, when they aren’t attacking a target, their body would fall into a deep sleep state, like a human’s short-term deep sleep. They would minimize their energy consumption, just like hibernation. And when they break away from that state…it takes seconds for them to return to their max setting with no buffering required.”

The man said while he finished arranged the contents within the box.

“The speed at which these monsters recover is really amazing. We are currently lacking medicine now, while they don’t even need medicine. If we were able to extract this beneficial part, that would change everything!”

The acne man turned back and glared at the advanced zombie and said.

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“Forget it, either way, I would never let those viruses enter my body anyway. What we should be studying is how to kill zombies more quickly. The more advanced a zombie is, the harder it is to hit it. How many sharpshooters do you think we have? But if we can develop something that can kill them efficiently and in large quantities, no matter which part we hit them on, that would be wonderful. It would be like in the movies where silver was used to kill vampires.”

The fat-faced man laughed, closed the box, and turned and walked towards the door.

“Do you know the thing that was discovered behind the brain of a zombie? The one that looks like a translucent ruby? I heard that it was the result of combining all the viruses within the body. It’s probably the central nervous system that controls the zombies, right? By the way, do you know that a psychic gave a more detailed ranking for these zombies?”

The acne man followed behind and said.

The fat-faced man sneered aloud, “It’s not a fucking game where they level up….”

“But it’s useful, at least knowing the characteristics of each zombie level, you can estimate the fighting strength of that zombie and figure out their weaknesses. But unfortunately, as the rank of the zombie climbs higher, they develop individual differences. You would die a horrible death if you underestimate it.”

Ling Mo real body immediately reached out with his hand and felt into his backpack.

Sure enough, the information that Su Qianrou provided him wasn’t complete, and was missing so many things.

The progress of the camp’s research on zombies was much more advanced than what was said in the data.

Although the information that these two people talked about, were already discovered by Ling Mo early on.

But this also meant that zombie evolution and behaviours were gradually being exposed to human eyes.

This was not good news for Ye Lian and the girls….

For a moment, Ling Mo was a bit confused. Should he be siding with the humans or should he be siding with zombies?

“Forget it, they can study whatever they want on them, but I won’t allow anyone to hurt Ye Lian, nor Shana nor Li Ya Ling! Now that I think about, this is also a chance for me…”

Seeing that they were about to leave the bus, Ling Mo had an idea and suddenly controlled the advanced zombie to open its mouth and wailed, “AOoo..”


The man full of acne was scared by the wail and glared back at the zombie.

Ling Mo was also anxious, but it wasn’t easy in controlling a zombie to talk.

He “Aoo Aoo” a few times until he was finally able to utter a few vague words, “St..St..Stop!”

The two researchers were dumbfounded.

They glanced at each other and then immediately rushed in front of the zombie that Ling Mo was controlling.

The acne man even threw away the electric baton in order to quickly take out a voice recorder from his pocket.

“Fuck! Holy SHIT! This monster has finally decided to talk! I can’t believe we did it! This time the zombie we have here is a high-level zombie with high intelligence!”

He rushed to the front of the corpse and the hand that was holding the recorder was shaking.

The fat-faced man swallowed and looked at the corpse with excitement. He asked, “You want to talk? What do you want to say? Rest assured, even if you said that you wanted to eat us, we would have no problems, we would not kill you.”

To be continued…

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