My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 301 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 301 Part 2 – A Cheater’s Negotiation

Editor: Bobiclun

The acne man elbowed him and said, “Zombies aren’t afraid of death.”

“You’re not talking anymore? Do you want something to eat?”

The fat-faced man looked very excited and he withdrew a bag of viral gels from a sealed mini-fridge on the side.

These viral gels weren’t cleaned and some debris remained on them.

And based on the appearance, the quality didn’t seem to be that great…

However, after taking a glance at the refrigerator, Ling Mo felt that his previous guess might have been wrong.

The aftermath of their work has probably been going on for three days or even longer…


Ling Mo struggled to control the corpse continue speaking, “What do you want to know about us? You..weak…small humans…”

After he finished speaking, Ling Mo’s main body couldn’t help but rub his eyebrows.

Who would have thought that there would be a day where he would say something like this…?

The man with the face full of acne became stunned for a moment, then sneered and smashed the electric baton on top of the zombie’s head. “This monster isn’t so stupid! We know a lot! Although your appearance is still the same as us, but you’re actually a monster that only knows how to kill first in order to eat! Human flesh? Yummy! Other Zombies? Yummy! Mutant beasts? Yummy! What the fuck do you not eat?!”

“But you….you don’t know…how strong we are…how to kill…us…easier…”

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After controlling the zombie to speak, Ling Mo’s main body couldn’t help but sigh.

The voice that was produced by the zombie was like a magnetic tape being ripped and didn’t give a good feeling.

Ling Mo rubbed Ye Lian’s head and then went over and kissed her, “It’s been really hard on you.”

However, because he was distracted, the zombie also immediately stretched its neck, almost hitting the face of the acne man.

This sudden movement scared the shit out of the acne man and immediately screamed like a wild cat, “OH MY GOD! He just wanted to take a bite out of me!”

“Tell me…And I will answer your questions…humans….but if you…try lying…I will know….”

The zombie’s gaze turned onto the chest of the acne man and stared directly at where his heart was positioned.

This was probably the first time they ever encountered a zombie that was willing to discuss things with them. After the two men looked at each other for a while, the fat-faced man immediately said, “Okay!”

“We currently don’t understand that much about you, but we already know that there are mutant zombies which are stronger than the average zombies. Their strength is in between a mutated zombie and a advanced zombies…You can’t understand this right? Either way, just think of it as being a little worse than you. We also know that there are more zombies that are even stronger than you, but they are few in numbers and aren’t very easy to catch….

After the fat-faced man finished speaking, the acne man hesitated before saying, “As for the method in killing you guys much easier…We haven’t found one yet…”

“Okay, we have finished telling you everything, can you answer our questions now? What makes you guys evolve besides swallowing each other?”

Ten minutes later, two researchers walked out from a side door on the bus in a depressed mood.

“FUCK! A monster will always be a monster. We told him everything and he decided to play dumb! Only roaring! He also bit my recorder!”

“It’s useless to him even if he knows. It’s not like he’s going to have the chance to tell other zombies, right? These fucking monsters….”

“If we told upper management about the situation just now, don’t you think they will think we are lying? Forget it, let’s just directly give it to them…”

They probably thought that no one would be interested in zombies, so after they left, no one stood guard by the bus holding the advanced zombie.

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