My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 302 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 302 Part 1 – Return My Impressive Big Dog

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Seeing that they didn’t have anyone standing guard at the bus, Ling Mo immediately took this chance and controlled the other zombie to rush into the bus.

He carefully sneaked in and began searching through the large amount of littered paper and vials.

The bus, it seems has been turned into a temporary mobile lab. There were a lot of boxes in the seats and aisles. Almost every box had ice cubes inside with various infected blood and tissue samples.

Ling Mo searched for the box that had contained the gels, and then immediately swept contents into his bag.

Although the quality of the gels was subpar, the quantity made for the quality, so there was no reason for Ling Mo not to take them.

But later to his disappointment, apart from the one advanced zombie,  the Falcon group didn’t collect anything else that was worth studying nor taking.

Other than a few samples and a whole lot of virus gels, there were some tools that were scattered here and there. However, Ling Mo’s expertise was not in this field, thus he had nothing to gain from taking them with him.

Just as Ling Mo was about to give up on looking for usable stuff, he noticed a backpack on the luggage rack towards the end of the buss at a corner.

The backpack that was arbitrarily placed there was almost ignored by Ling Mo.

“The results of the third test on pain response…the results of a hunger test….holy shit, this is good information! Why was this put in a simple backpack?”

The notebook inside, gave shun light on the process and results of their experiments!

This was such a big surprise for Ling Mo that he even had some doubts for a moment on whether this was the real deal or false information.

But after thinking about it, no normal person other than him would be interested in this kind of information, let alone try and steal it…

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There really was no need to have any security measures for this kind of thing in the present reality…

Assuming so, Ling Mo suddenly felt relieved.

“Does this mean that I’m not normal anymore? Ah it doesn’t matter, what matters is to get out of here.”

Picking up the bag and placing it on his back, Ling Mo instructed the zombie to then jump out lightly from one of the multiple side windows.

He then proceeded to take out a Molotov and a lighter, which the zombie had been handed by Ling Mo beforehand.

“Fortunately, I came prepared….I’m sorry guys, but you’re going to have to catch another advanced zombie.”


A large muffled sound of steel and glass broke out from the buss station, several guards immediately rushed over to the fire with their guns.

But they didn’t notice that while they were attracted by the sounds of an explosion and fires, a zombie carrying a backpack was pounced over the railing and plunged itself into the tall grassy plains surrounding the bus station.

After regrouping with the zombie by the trees, Ling Mo looked back at the black smoke that was rising from the direction of the station and then quickly moved in the opposite direction from the bus station with the girls setting up a perimeter around him.

It was necessary for Ling Mo to destroy the contents of the lab in order for him to take what is needed. The camp might have suffered a loss, but it wasn’t because of the gels or information.

The biggest loss they suffered would have been the death of the advanced zombie. The information in Ling Mo’s hands wasn’t even official information, but personal insights from the two researchers.

A real official would not waste ink on the cover to draw a design and then write under it “This is the Dark Bible.”

“The Dark Bible….”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

Unlike the unreasonable title, the content inside was very comprehensive.

Once the Falcon camp had officially established a barrier in the city, the first thing they set themselves up to do was to bring the pre outbreak era virus labs.

The core members of the lab were several surviving experts from a large local pharmaceutical company.

They were very experienced in making vaccines, most probably still researching to this day the virus at Falcon Camp.

Then doctors, nurses, and even biology teachers joined their group…

In the Falcon camp, as long as you knew a little bit about it, you would be able to join the virus lab group.

Undoubtedly, talent in this field was important and so responsibilities for each person were naturally different.

Similar to Ling Mo’s initial discovery of Ye Lian, they were also confused as for where to begin.

Therefore, the experiments recorded in the notebook in the early stages were basically the analysis of the zombie blood samples.

Many of the things recorded in this notebook were basically speculations. Apart from summarizing the virus’s amazing ability to infect its host, there wasn’t much important information inside.

Ling Mo turned started to turn the pages faster, but as he turned to one of the pages, Ling Mo’s eyes shun as he read a particular text.

“HA…So they actually did try to find a cure!”

to be continued…

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