My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 302 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 302 Part 2 – Return My Impressive Big Dog

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The test subject was a little girl that had just been bitten.

But after trying various methods, they ended up giving this result from the experiment, “Once the virus has infected the host and the process of mutation has begun, it is irreversible. No matter what we did during the process of mutation, we couldn’t stop her body and mind from  deteriorating and undergoing mutation. She became too erratic and ended up attacking the people around her, having lost all reason…”

Ling Mo sighed in his heart. He got excited for nothing, and looking at the results, it seems that they gave up on this subject after this experiment.

But Ling Mo suddenly became stunned after he turned over to the next page.

“The process of mutating is irreversible? But when Shana mutated, some of her intelligence was retained….Does this count as a reversal? What would happen after the reversal?”

Ling Mo stared at Shana for a few moments. He vaguely felt that he might have found some important information.

“The first mating experiment, brother Ling… What is that?”

At this time, Shana reached over and pointed at the bottom of the notebook.

“Let me take look…Oh, they apparently caught two live zombies, one male and one female. Then locked them in together, but the female zombie ate the male zombie, so the experiment failed.”

“That sounds very sad.” Li Ya Lin blinked and said.

“How is it sad?” Ling Mo couldn’t help but ask.

Li Ya Lin licked her pale rose lips, “Those humans shut them up in a cage and didn’t give them food. Isn’t that sad?”

“…Uhh, I guess you’re right…By the way, when you show the expression of sadness, you shouldn’t be licking your lips.”

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Ling Mo looked at another dozen pages with great interest only to find out that their experiments had all ended in failure.

“Well that’s for sure, the advanced zombies become self-aware of finding a mate, but only a zombie that’s at a leader level, would fully awaken the behaviors of reproducing. But the content in this book really makes this a dark bible, all these details were recorded so clearly…”

While he was flipping through the notes, Ling Mo had walked and found a suitable place to stay amongst the dozens of labyrinth like alley ways.

In one the many streets connected to the alleyways a retirement home for the elderly stood tall yet dilapidated, next to it was a small hospital.

Although the retirement home had several desecrated houses nearby, the environment here was very quiet, and there was even a pressurized water well in the yard, which meant that water can be pumped out if needed.

After finishing off more than a dozen zombies in the small courtyard, Ling Mo found a relatively quiet residence on the top floor of a building.

From the window, you could completely see the situation at the bus station, and the distance from here to the station was approximately two kilometers.

If anything unusual were to happen, he could immediately send a puppet zombie to search for any abnormalities.

“Ling…Brother Ling…Come over here and look at this….”

Ye Lian said excitedly and quickly dragged Ling Mo away from the window towards the front door.

Ling Mo had barely stood up straight when he saw a black shadow pounce on to himself.


“HEI SI! I warned you so many times, if you push me down again….WHAT THE FUCK! WHO ARE YOU?”

Ling Mo lay on the ground and stared at the ball of fur that was lying on his chest, while widening his eyes.

He had been shocked so many times today, but none of them was as shocking the thing in front of him!

Originally after leaving the hotel, Ling Mo had tried to summon Hei Si.

Even though Hei Si wasn’t out of the range of his control, she refused to appear in front of him, and deliberately hid her aura, as if trying to play hide and seek with him.

Ling Mo guessed that it had reached a critical point in its evolutionary development, which was why it wasn’t listening to him, but he never thought that it would undergo a complete makeover…

If it wasn’t due to the spiritual connection Ling Mo had with her, he would never believe that this pure white hairball which was the size of a cannonball, was his Hei Si… (Chinese Crested Dog)


Hei Si was very excited, its body had shrunk to the size of a human head and was very light.

Although Ling Mo was still in a state of being stunned, the girls on the other hand had started to accept Hei Si’s condition and wanted to play with her.

Truthfully, just looking at its appearance alone, it was difficult to tell what kind of animal it was, but there was no doubt that it was very strong.

When the three girls started to chase Hei Si in the room, the scene in front of Ling Mo became like a comedy movie that was being played in fast forward.

Three figures that couldn’t be completely captured by the naked eye and a silver-white blue that bounced all over…

The furniture inside the room was smashed to pieces and marks were left on the wall.

It wasn’t until a silver-white shadow went past Ling Mo’s ear and then almost smashed a big hole in the wall, did Ling Mo finally recover from being stunned and grabbed it.

“Where did you hide my fierce giant dog? I WANT A REFUND!”

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