My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 303 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 303 Part 1 – Parasitic Bitch! Clinging Maid!

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Previously Ling Mo had been accustomed to Hei Si’s incredible agility, but it’s current speed was beyond the scope of Ling Mo’s imagination.

Based on its previous eating habits, Ling Mo guessed that as long as the prey was living, it would be on its hunting list.

He honestly didn’t know what Hei Si had eaten these past few days.

After coming out of the hotel, Ling Mo had briefly swapped his vision to Hei Si’s….

His face turned pale, making Ye Lian asked him what was going on. He could only say one thing. “She’s…eating…”

Ling Mo’s vision swapping wasn’t just receiving the other party’s brainwaves. His ability allowed him to get deeper connection.

He would receive the emotions, the thoughts, and the vision of the other party.

This ability was much milder than taking control of the other’s body.

So basically, at that moment, it was as if he was seeing what Hei Si was seeing with his own eyes.

After such an intense visual impact, Ling Mo no longer switched to Hei Si’s vision.

But who would have thought that just a few days had passed, she had turned from a beast of a dog to a ….fucking furry ball!

When Ling Mo caught Hei Si in his hand, he felt very weird, because Hei Si felt like a weird inflatable ball.

The bones in her body seemed to have turned soft as if they had changed into cartilages. This change was stupefied Ling Mo on the spot.

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“L…Let me see…..You’ve eaten mutant beasts, zombies, and you have definitely eaten mutant zombies…Holy shit, your body has the ultimate mix!”

Ling Mo could feel that the mental activity in Hei Si was quite intense, and it’s current strength at this time was already too difficult to determine.

At least Ling Mo couldn’t tell whether its rank was still at the advanced level or not…

As for that wonderful shape of hers….

Since even the Spider Empress was also able to evolve, consuming a variety of viruses and turning into a ball wasn’t something unacceptable for him.

“Forget it, I must on the bright side, at least now you won’t attract people’s attention. From now on, I’ll be able to stuff you in my backpack instead.”

Ling Mo put Hei Si down, then picked up the backpack and jumped over the sofa that was completely crushed. He walked to the residence next door.

He still had a lot of things to do and since the sky hadn’t turned dark, he took the opportunity to take this time to read the information in his hands while at the same time, monitored the progress of the Falcon camp.

Looking from afar, some zombies near the station were attracted over, but the members of the Falcon camp were able to handle the situation and didn’t have any severe problems.

With these zombies bothering them, it was unlikely for them to find any clues nearby.

Meanwhile Ye Lian, Shana and Li Ya Ling were responsible for pumping the water into the wells and collecting it while also looking for any gas cans that were in the residences in the area.

These things couldn’t be any easier for them.

Ling Mo accepted that they may need to stay in this place for a while.

After more than a hour passed, Shana’s voice suddenly came from behind.

“Brother Ling, the water had been warmed, do you want to take a bath?”

Ling Mo rubbed the spot between his eyebrows, put down the folder, and replied, “Okay.”

But as soon as he turned around, he felt his heartbeat stop for a moment, and his pupils shrinked.

“Where did she come from!?”

Behind Shana, stood a girl that was around seventeen or eighteen years old. She was dressed in a dirty and torn maid costume, with a white fur collar attached around her neck.

Although the expression on her face was a bit strange, you could tell that she was just a ordinary survivor since her eyes looked normal.

This scene was more shocking than being attacked suddenly by zombies. If this girl was a survivor nearby, Shana would never have brought her back here.

In fact, it was even more surprising that she hadn’t killed the girl on the spot.

“Who are you?”

Ling Mo widened his eyes as he looked at the girl and asked.

The girl stuck out her tongue but didn’t talk.

“Are you a survivor from around here?” Ling Mo asked.

But at this moment, he blinked, and the girl had actually threw herself onto his chest suddenly.

Ling Mo was stunned at this moment, he had never met such an open girl.

However, she had a very metallic smell like blood…coming from her body. Ling Mo quickly pushed her away, “Have some self-control, little girl…”

At this time his hand accidentally touched the collar and he felt a familiar softness.

“This is? WHAT THE FUCK, isn’t this Hei Si?!”

to be continued…

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