My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 303 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 303 Part 2 – Parasitic Bitch! Clinging Maid!

Editor: Bobiclun

Ling Mo’s eyes went wide open, a strange mutant beast was lying attached on the neck of a human survivor?!

The girl “panted” twice, then placed both her hands on to the ground and slowly crawled towards Ling Mo.

“This is too weird…Shana, what’s wrong with this woman?”

Ling Mo quickly stood up, but the girl immediately clung on to his leg.

She didn’t seem to have any reaction towards Ling Mo’s question.

“Hei Si can’t speak the human language, but if I tell you what’s going on, you’re going to have to spend the night with me tonight.” Shana blinked and said.

Ling Mo was stunned for a moment, “Aren’t we together every night?”

“No, I mean alone tonight, I have something to say.” Shana said.

Although this request seemed a bit strange, Ling Mo still ended up nodding.

He had been completely confused by the situation in front of him…

Shana pointed at the girl and said, “Although Hei Si’s body might have shrunk, but it actually evolved into something much more powerful. You can think of her as a full computer that was condensed into the size of a motherboard…She originally had a strong combat power, but now she also gained some new abilities like those mutant zombies.”

“This girl is actually the host for Hei Si. Hei Si’s new ability is like a parasite which can control every move of the host’s body.” Shana continued, “But unlike other parasites, if Hei Si was to be removed from the body, she would still be able to survive. Unfortunately, Hei Si’s overall strength is a complete mess now since most of the time she lies dormant. So, it’s necessary for her to find a host to help her move around. Also, this host has been used by her for several days and it’s quite compatible with her.”

“You were indeed a nerd back then….So basically, she is Hei Si?”

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Ling Mo widened his eyes again.

Shana nodded, then walked over, pulled the girl up, and then gave a hard pull on Hei Si.

As Hei Si was pulled away from the girls’ neck, a silvery white like hair which was connected to both Hei Si and the girl, was exposed. The hair was connected to the back of the girls head underneath all her hair.

Ling Mo took a deep breath and spread open the girl’s hair, and suddenly felt a cold chill creeping from his heels.

“Oh by the way.”

Shana tugged Hei Si real hard, disconnecting their connection, and the girl’s eyes immediately began to redden.

“This girl is actually a zombie.”

However, even though she was no longer being controlled by Hei Si, the girl in the maid outfit recovered her appearance as a zombie but didn’t seem to be able to respond to her surroundings.

Ling Mo was like a delicious human meat standing next to her, yet she actually didn’t even try to attack him.

“I’m guessing this is the side effect when Hei Si takes over a body. The girl is basically a shell of a computer and having lost her CPU, she would obviously crash. As for why she chooses a female host….I think it’s because Hei Si is a female.”

Shana said and then put Hei Si back.

Just like she previously said, Hei Si’s real body was almost motionless and seemed as if she was very tired.

When the girl and Hei Si were once again combined, the girl in the maid outfit restored her appearance of a normal person.

Hei Si disguising herself on the girl’s neck was so perfect that you couldn’t find any abnormalities with the naked eye.

However, the behaviour of this girl was really abnormal…

Currently, she was kneeling at Ling Mo’s feet, constantly rolling around, and sometimes rushing over, pretending to grab Ling Mo’s feet…

Ling Mo looked at her with a complicated look, then slowly raised his hand and patted the girl’s head, “Good girl…”


Hei Si was so happy that she rolled over again and the decaying underwear that the girl was wearing fell off…

Ling Mo saw the scenes of “spring” that Hei Si leaked out(TL: AKA her private area). He suddenly sighed and helplessly supported his head.

Three energetic and curiosity filled female zombies with no human knowledge was enough to give him a headache. Who knew that now he would also have to deal with a female dog…?

Ling Mo reached out and tried to pick her up but didn’t expect that he would feel a tingling feeling in his hand the next second.

“I didn’t give you my hand so you can lick me! You’re too stinky, go take a bath first! Shana, come help.”

Ling Mo grabbed on to Shana who was just about to run away and squeezed out a smile and said, “Didn’t I say that you’re in charge of taking care of Hei Si? So, taking a bath…”

Shana denied seriously and said, “But I have never personally given a dog a bath, it was usually an auntie that washed them for me.”

“God Dammit! I forgot that you were once a young miss (TL:Pampered lady)…”

Ling Mo looked down at the girl in the maid outfit clinging on to his leg…Hei Si.

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