My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 304 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 304 Part 1 – Benefits Of Evolving, Stronger Sharing!

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The battle at the bus station had finally come to an end and the soldiers from the Falcon camp were busily cleaned the battlefield of corpses.

However, by this time, the bus had been burned beyond recognition, leaving no clues to be found a dead end for the Falcon Camp.

Ling Mo picked up Hei Si, then dragged her to the bathtub where Shana had put hot water and threw her inside.

Even though this girl had a body of a human being, its behaviour patterns was no different from Hei Si.

Ling Mo felt a bit weird at first, but that was because he barely had any experience in helping a girl take a bath.

At the time when he gave Ye Lian a bath, he was able to suppress the evil fire burning inside. He could probably also do the same while giving Hei Si a bath as well.

However, it was obvious that Hei Si had thought the maid outfit as her hair and wouldn’t let Ling Mo take it off no matter what.

In desperation, Ling Mo could only wash her together with the clothes.

Even though there was no hair dryer lying around, Hei Si had her own way of drying herself. She ran on the roof of the building for about ten minutes and came back down almost completely dry.

Ling Mo then struggled to find a needle from one of the residences and sewed up the holes that were on the maid outfit.

“Okay, you finally look more like a human now…No….stop licking! Lie Down! No, I mean sit down! Nevermind, can you stand up instead? And when you’re standing up, can you not put your hand on my shoulder! GOD…Just shoot me already…”

A female zombie who behaved completely like a dog was obviously more tormenting than a regular zombie.

Although she wouldn’t try to eat Ling Mo, she would still use her tongue to lick his face or palm….

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She especially liked to suddenly jump up and push Ling Mo to the ground.

This female zombie was a mutant zombie, but after being treated as a host for Hei Si, her combat strength had become perversely strong.

She also able to observe the trajectory of Ling Mo’s actions in advance, disallowing him from avoiding her pushing him down.

To make matters worse for Ling Mo, his mind control over her was almost superficial. Hei Si’s spiritual activity was enhanced and had become extremely intense.

If Ling Mo wanted to force himself in taking control of her, he probably would be on the losing end.

The spirit was a mysterious and fascinating area to learn about and Ling Mo had only begun exploring in that field.

But there was one thing he understood very clearly. If he didn’t have a high degree of confidence in dealing with something that requires spiritual power, he should never do it unless he wanted a horrible ending.

“ENOUGH! I’m not playing with you, be good and sit down for me!”

Ling Mo originally had wanted to teach her some common sense about how to make her look more “normal”.

However, Hei Si treated this as some sort of entertainment, making Ling Mo eventually give up.

During the process of helping her bathe, Ling Mo also made some careful observations.

After all, this was his pet and somehow it ended up like this.

In the process of evolution, Hei Si abandoned its huge body and in exchange, gained herself an ability to control.

Hidden under the ball of hair was a miniature version of Hei Si.

And under the cover of those cartilage tissues, was the main part that gave her the ability to take control.Ling Mo wasn’t an expert in observations, and even if there were experts, they could probably only take guesses.At first, Ling Mo was unable to accept the fact that Hei Si had given up her huge body, but after thinking about it, he thought the rewards of the exchange was actually not so bad.

Obviously, the body of a giant dog could beat many zombies, but in the face of powerful zombies or mutant beasts, it had no advantage.

Otherwise, the king of the jungle wouldn’t be a tiger, but a wild dog.

The damage that a single wild dog could cause wasn’t a lot.

Dogs weren’t born as natural killers, and Ling Mo was actually very clear on this.

After giving up the body, the advantages of Hei Si also magnified infinitely.

to be continued…

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