My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 304 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 304 Part 2 – Benefits Of Evolving, Stronger Sharing!

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On the outside, Hei Si looked like a small silvery-white ball, but fact remains that the silvery-white hair were connectors that also had smell receptors.

She would also use those connectors to control a host in order to make it the perfect camouflage.

Since Hei Si didn’t wish to leave Ling Mo’s side, having a disguise was the best solution for Hei Si.

At the same time, the host wouldn’t become a weakness for either of them. Even if the host was injured, Hei Si wouldn’t be.

In order to confirm this theory, Ling Mo slit the arm of girl in the maid outfit with his blade, but Hei Si’s main body remained in a calm state.

After spraying the haemostatic agent on the wound, Ling Mo grabbed Hei Si and observed her some more.

In addition to being able to control the actions of the girl in the maid outfit, those silver filaments also helped Hei Si to leech energy directly from the host.

Since her body had shrunk to this size, the requirements in consuming energy had also reduced by a lot.

Although Ling Mo was far away from food becoming scarce, Hei Si on the other hand, must had experienced great difficulty when it came to hunt for food. Especially when now there were also mutant zombies added into the mix, making zombies even more dangerous.

Her former body was too large and needed to absorb a lot of energy to maintain its activities, which could have been regarded as a potential weakness.

However, there were also some disadvantages with this evolution. Once the host she controls has been severely injured, she would only need to find a replacement for it.

“In this world, there is a shortage of everything except for zombies. Even if she couldn’t find a zombie, she could also choose other creatures as her host.”

Ling Mo thought to himself, with Hei Si’s current appearance, even her original owner, Half-Moon, wouldn’t be able to recognize her.

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On that same thought, Ling Mo was amazed to have made another discovery using his tentacles!

Although he was now unable to swap his vision with Hei Si’s, but just like Shana said, Hei Si’s body was now like a powerful WI-FI router or an arial antenna..

Ling Mo could connect with Hei Si and make her into his spiritual hub for all his spiritual connections with everyone else.

His vision sharing had always been one on one, and the method of his two-way vision sharing was only available to Shana.

But with Hei Si being his spiritual hub now, Ling Mo could pass the images he sees first to Hei Si, then use Hei Si’s spiritual energy to pass these pictures to the girls.

The amount of data that could be transferred increased tremendously, to such an extent that it didn’t feel as choppy as using an internet based videocall.

“This is AWESOME! Hei Si, you have evolved into something wonderful! Before, I used to think less of you, but I really couldn’t help it at the time. Ehh…Me saying these words isn’t the sign for you to jump and push me down!”

Ling Mo was very excited even though the distance between them was very close when he tested it out and could only be maintained for a few seconds. It was self-evident that it could play a major role in combat and general perimeter safety.

In this chaotic world, it was paramount to have a trump card that no one could think of.

After handing over Hei Si to the girls, Ling Mo decided to check on the situation of the nearby area since the evening sun still floated above in the skies.

Since this area wasn’t that far from the bus station, Ling Mo had to make some preparations in advance in order to help monitor the station and ensure their safety in case the Falcon camp decided to come over.

“Brother Ling, I’ll go with you.”

Shana ran downstairs and caught up with Ling Mo.

“Didn’t you have plans on teaching Hei Si a few things?” Ling Mo asked in confusion.

The look on Shana’s face was a bit strange, “It’s not really that important, Ye Lian and Li Ya Lin could do it. It’s only teaching her how to walk upright. I..I have something to say to you and I can’t wait any longer.”

“You’re a little strange today.” Ling Mo took her hand walked forward along a strange alley.

“I…I actually remember a lot of things. Even though I have so much memories to organize that it makes me impatient, I still try to sort it all out. I do it because I want to find all the memories that are related to you. I think this is also the same for Senior Sister. Ye Lian…when she reaches this period, she might be even more anxious than any of us.”

Shana lowered her head and walked beside Ling Mo, and a cold breeze blew by. Her long black hair flew immediately, revealing a pure and pretty face.

That soft and delicate voice let Ling Mo’s heart calm down at once.

Although they could face danger at any time, at this moment Ling Mo felt happy.

“Shana.” Ling Mo clenched her hand and said very seriously, “No matter what you want to say to me, you don’t need to worry about saying it. You can just tell me. Since you’re a zombie, then you should act like one and be more straightforward!”

Shana looked up at Ling Mo for a second, then the corner of her mouth curved upwards, revealing a pretty smile, “EN!”

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