My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 305 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 305 Part 1 – The Result Of Black And White Is The Real You

“But as I went through my memories over and over again, I realized that there were very few memories for me to treasure…”

Shana moved her hand behind her and walked in front of Ling Mo.

However, her voice was clear as it was carried by the wind and into Ling Mo’s ear while her long hair fluttered over Ling Mo’s cheek.

That huge scythe was placed over her shoulder, and shiny bright light reflected the setting sun, making Ling Mo unable to see her expression.

“How’s that possible? When I first saw you, I thought Shana was a very strong, very kind… and also an unreasonable girl.”

Ling Mo paused for a moment and then said, “In fact, when I first heard you suggest the deal, I really thought that you were a very unreasonable little woman. If it wasn’t because I wanted to use your strength, I’m afraid I would have immediately turned around and left. The fate between people is really amazing…”

“I know.” Shana smiled “Who would have thought that our mutual use of each other at the beginning, would turn into what it is today? But this encounter isn’t romantic at all. I also had fantasies that young girls have… The scene that I had looked most forward to was meeting you at a library. We would both be reading the same book, like to talk about the same topic, sit together at the window and read quietly for an afternoon…”

“That doesn’t sound like something I would probably do.”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but smile. At this moment, Silly Shana should probably be the one in control right?

But whether it was Silly Shana or Dark Shana, Ling Mo never thought that she would actually have such girly feelings.

“Are you scared by this? That I could actually have these kinds of thoughts…Are you wondering am I still the same girl that was busy doing sword practice every day, or the Shana that would never shed a tear no matter what kind of bitterness she had suffered?”

Shana’s voice seemed calm and without any emotions.

But Ling Mo couldn’t help but feel sorry. If only it was the Shana who would cry and show her weak side saying this…

Unfortunately, the Shana now would never have any sad feelings any more.

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“However, even though our encounter wasn’t romantic and you even stopped me from committing suicide, which made me become a zombie. Did you know that during that time, I really wanted to die. I didn’t want to become a monster. But now, it’s strange thinking that I had these thoughts…”

Shana seemed to smile and she went on to say, “But I am grateful now that you did. If I was dead, I wouldn’t have gotten to chance to be myself, nor would I have those feelings of love towards you…”

Speaking up to this, Shana suddenly stopped walking, then turned and faced Ling Mo.

The crescent-shaped blade of the scythe was behind her head, reflecting the afterglow of the setting sun, making Shana look as if she was standing in front of a warm light.

Her face became blurred to Ling Mo, he could only see the bright eyes which had become a little red.

The whites of her eyes were like jade, while her pupils were the color of rubies. With her long black hair dancing in the wind, Shana looked as if she was a figure that had come out of an oil painting.

“Brother Ling, do you know that I would like you no matter if I was a human or a zombie. Not because I want you as a mate, nor the fact that you smell really good to eat, but because I really like you. Although the memories I have of you when I was a human was very little, you allowed me to live a different way. What about you… Do you like me as the human Shana or the Shana who is a zombie?”

Shana’s eyes were bright, but her voice was still very calm and you were unable to hear any emotional fluctuations from it.

Ling Mo stared at her with amazement. The words that had come out of her mouth weren’t fake, but completely from her heart.

Ling Mo knew this because zombies could never lie….

This was the first time Ling Mo saw Shana so serious, and it was also the first time he heard a girl express her heart to him.

Although it sounded a bit strange, Ling Mo was still stunned.

He didn’t immediately answer because he felt that Shana didn’t want just a simple answer.

Shana’s current reaction was absolutely not normal!

This reaction would appear on a human girl, but it was absolutely impossible for it to appear on a female zombie!

The words from the “Dark Bible” once again appeared in Ling Mo’s mind.

Shana…was a vivid example of an uncompleted version of reversing the zombie virus!

Her body had completely mutated, but a bit of her intelligence was retained after the mutation, instead of being like a zombie who would attack without any thoughts.

Ling Mo was completely stunned. If it weren’t for a few zombies that had suddenly appeared, Ling Mo would probably have been stunned for quite a while.

“Um…I’m really confused right now.”

After taking control of those zombies, Ling Mo went up and hugged Shana, and deeply sniffed Shana’s hair, and then kissed her forehead, “But, I will definitely give you a suitable answer, okay?”

to be continued…

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