My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 306 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 306 Part 2 – The Battle In The Spiritual World

But when she climbed halfway out, she seemed to have gotten caught by something, “It’s stuck, my cloak is stuck! Help me out please….”

Silly Shana who was still screaming, slowly stopped and then asked, “Why do you have a cloak?”

“The zombies in the movies all have cloaks, this is common sense.”

“No, aren’t those vampires?”

“Oh…well can’t do anything about that now, the memories I have are very confusing and going to your side isn’t easy…but that explains why they don’t exist and we do. Having a cloak is such a hassle.”

Dark Shana ripped off her cloak and then jumped out of the TV.

“Even if they didn’t have cloaks, they still wouldn’t exist! Sort out your memories and think before you speak!”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but sigh.

Due to having such a depressing childhood, Shana had developed two personalities. After mutating into a zombie, one of those personalities retained itself as a human while the other as a zombie, thus creating a more intense conflict between these two personalities.

The scene that Ling Mo saw right now was both Shana’s memories as well as the battlefield in her spiritual world!

However, the scene that was in front of him wasn’t like how he had imagined it would be. It had nothing do with a tragic killing between … personalities.

Dark Shana’s eyes were a clear red-white color and she had a sinister smile on her face.

While her completely separated other half was almost exactly the same as the girl Ling Mo had encountered at the beginning of his journey.

She had a strong expression on her face, with a trace of silliness in the depths of her eyes. The moment you saw her, you could tell that she was actually very kind.

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“I have always wanted to completely take over this body. You are just too weak, this body should belong to me since I’m a zombie!”

Dark Shana immediately kicked away the sword that was beside Silly Shana and then threw herself on top of her.

“I won’t give up! I am not weak, it’s just being human!”

Seeing the two Shana roll around together, Ling Mo originally had wanted to stop them immediately.

He only needed to use spiritual tentacles to forcibly separate the two balls of light for this scene to naturally disappear.

But it was just during that one second of hesitation from him, the development of things started to become very strange…

Dark Shana pressed Silly Shana on to the ground and suddenly stooped down and bit her collar with her teeth, “Since you don’t want to listen to me, let’s see which one of us is the one attacking and which one us is the one receiving! If I win, this body is mine!”

Silly Shana struggled as she freed her hand and then grabbed Dark Shana’s blouse, “You think I’m scared of you! You fucking zombie!”


The sounds of two fabrics tearing was almost heard at the same time, and the two Shana’s immediately exposed themselves.

The two of them were tumbling on the grass, while constantly tearing at each other’s clothes less and less, displaying two jade-like bodies, full of youthful vitality, being entangled with each other….

“Seriously? This is the solution you guys came up with?”

Ling Mo was stupefied, he instantly felt a deep sense of helplessness…

But letting them tear each other out wasn’t a good thing. Ling Mo could feel that Shana’s main body was shaking slightly.

“It doesn’t matter who is the one attacking and who is the one receiving, in the end, aren’t you both are attacking and receiving? What the hell are you guys thinking!”

Ling Mo thought that since Shana was able to freely control her spiritual world like a dream, would it be possible for him to also create his own projection and invade her spiritual world with it?

His current situation was more like a bystander than someone that was personally involved.

However, as he slowly extended his spiritual tentacles, Ling Mo accidentally discovered that it wasn’t easy for him to make a projection, but his spiritual tentacles could enter the spiritual world.

Ever since Shana had tied up his spiritual tentacles with some of her spiritual energy, she began to suffer attacks from the spiritual fluctuations.

So Ling Mo was able to easily remove his tentacle from being trapped and inserted his tentacle into the fluctuations.

“Hm…I wonder if I’m able to use my tentacles to help her?”

Ling Mo excitedly controlled his tentacle to touch the two Shana’s that were almost close to fusing together into one body.

Unfortunately they didn’t respond….

“Since they aren’t responding that must mean I’m not using enough spiritual energy to affect her while she’s in a deep coma. Well then, let’s see what happens when I increase the output of spiritual energy…”

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