My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 307 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 307 Part 1 – Turn You Both Into Receivers! Problem Solved!

“Huuu! That hurts!”

Ling Mo’s eyebrows tightly wrinkled together as he increased the amount of spiritual power. Using so much spiritual power would naturally not feel good.

With so much spiritual energy concentrated on to his split spiritual tentacles, Ling Mo gradually felt a slight difference.

Shana’s spiritual world had become much clearer to him and it gradually gave him an immersive feeling. But at the same time, his two tentacles seemed to be distressed.

It’s not surprising since he had poured all his spiritual energy into the tentacles but didn’t bother using it. Who knows what might happen if this continued. He could only do one thing and hope for the best.

As for what the end result would be, Ling Mo simply did not dare to think about it.


Dark Shana, who was clutching Silly Shana’s waist, jerked her head up and said, “You actually cheated? You actually tried to cheat on yourself? Human beings are despicable…”

“I… Since when did I cheat!”

Silly Shana angrily argued, “You stupid zombie, you actually smacked my ass!”

“It was obvious that you touched me first…AHH! You’re touching it again?”

Dark Shana snorted and rushed at her in anger, grabbing on to Silly Shana’s little pigeons (TL: tiny soft boobs) “Brother Ling was right, your a piece of trash with only half my power!”

“Hmph, isn’t your fighting power the same as mine? ”

Although Silly Shana retained her human feelings, she was still unwilling to show weakness.

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As the two Shana’s fought and argued, they didn’t know that in their spiritual world, a pair of of spectator eyes and two spiritual tentacles had appeared.

“This…this is too exciting! I can’t believe that I can actually feel by touching!”

Ling Mo was excited, this feeling felt so great!

And the feeling was even more better than having direct contact with the body!

It was as if someone had pushed the excitement button in Ling Mo’s brain, he even felt that is body was full of adrenaline from his excitement.

In this spiritual world, it seems that all Ling Mo’s feelings had been restored completely.

The most important thing was that he was able to touch them, which also meant that he could now participate in Shana’s spiritual activities.

“But the two Shana’s method of deciding an outcome is to…attack each other, if I wanted to save both of them, what should I do? Is there a way for me to stop their spiritual activities and then integrate both of them into one?”

Ling Mo was full of doubts, but it was during this time of hesitation, that Dark Shana had gained the upper hand.

“Hmph, weren’t humans supposed to be shy? In the end, didn’t you still end up having this reaction?”

Dark Shana laughed and then grabbed Silly Shana’s pigeon while at the same time bent down and blew in her ear.

Ling Mo was surprised to find that this scene was very familiar to him. He usually used this trick to educate Shana…

Silly Shana started to pant while twisting her body.

But just when Silly Shana was about to surrender, Dark Shana suddenly stopped.

“Ehh…What should I do now? According to my knowledge, at this time, I should be putting my thing into yours…”

Dark Shana seemed to remembered something from her chaotic memory and rushed to undo her pants, but then she suddenly widened her eyes.

“Huh? Where’s my thing? There’s nothing sticking out down here….”

Ling Mo waved his two spiritual tentacles and thought smugly to himself, “To think that this dummy actually wanted to solve the problem by herself.”

At this time, it would be better for him to use his spiritual tentacles to fix the problem!

In order for both Shana’s to stop their spiritual activity at the same time, he would need them both to stop thinking and have their minds turn completely blank.

The only way this could be achieved is if they experienced ultimate pleasure or pain…

“I’m going to turn you both into receivers! That will teach you guys to be obedient!”

Ling Mo smirked at the thought of this, and the two tentacles, like flexible fingers, reached out towards the two girls who were still facing each other.

At the same time, three figures were jumping over the fence of the retirement home and quickly rushed towards Ling Mo’s location.

to be continued…

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