My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 307 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 307 Part 2 – Turn You Both Into Receivers! Problem Solved!

The girl in the maid outfit had her neck covered completely by Hei Si, and was keenly looking for Ling Mo and Shana’s scent.

A faint bloody smell immediately caught her attention. She turned back and woofed at Ye Lian, then rushed forward along the wall with her hands and feet.

In a short while, they discovered zombie corpses everywhere. Some of the zombies that had been attracted to the dead corpses had even begun tearing them apart, making blood appear all around.

A zombie with no eyes, rushed towards the girl in the maid outfit.

She slowly rose up with a blank expression, and just when this zombie was about to jump on her, she agilely dodged the attack from the zombie and wrapped her arm around the neck of the zombie, and slammed him heavily on to the ground.

The zombie who was slammed on the ground didn’t feel pain even though it was bleeding on it’s head and continued to use it’s hands to reach for Hei Si. Unfortunately before he could reach Hei Si, a hand had already poked into his chest.

This fight had only lasted for about one second, and by the time the other zombies noticed, Hei Si had jumped over the fence and rushed toward a building on the other side.

Ye Lian and Li Ya Lin glanced at each other and ran after Hei Si.

Seeing that there were a few zombies following behind them, Li Ya Lin suddenly turned back, and the pupils of her eye immediately turned into a blood red color, while the outer ring had turned into an amber color giving her a bewitching look.

“Hiss! Hiss!”

A low hiss came out of Li Ya Lin’s throat which sounded similar to a snake.

The zombies immediately cowered in fear and Li Ya Lin turned around and rushed into the building.

When they arrived at the place where Ling Mo and Shana were, they accidentally rushed to fast and burst open the door. What they saw next made them stunned.

The big bed that Ling Mo and Shana were on had become deformed.

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The quilts and sheets were torn apart and room was covered everywhere with cotton. In addition the bed frame was destroyed as well.

Ling Mo had his eyes closed and was covered in cold sweat. He was pressing both of Shana’s hands down with all his strength.

“What is….what is going on here?” Ye Lian asked dumbly.

She looked back at Li Ya Lin and made an inquiry. She then showed a look of concern and inhaled a deep breath.

Li Ya Lin looked at the scene in front of her carefully and a thought suddenly flashed through her head, “They’re…..mating.”

“Wuu..But Shana told me she hasn’t done it yet…” Ye Lian said very seriously, “She hadn’t awaken those kinds of desires yet.”

“If that’s not correct, then is it forced mating? Let’s quickly separate them!”

Li Ya Lin and Ye Lian exchanged a look with each other and the two female zombies immediately reached an unreliable opinion on this matter.

But when they walked to the bed, they coincidentally saw Ling Mo suddenly open his eyes.

The first sentence he said after waking up was, “FUCK! How come there was such a huge reaction?!”

As he spoke, he rubbed his temples and slowly turned over from Shana and lay beside her.

He had just used his tentacles and made both Shanas become receivers.

When Shana’s spiritual world became too excited, her body involuntarily made violent reactions…

In order to avoid being torn into pieces by the unconscious Shana, Ling Mo could only get on top of her and hold her hands down.

The pressure from both mind and body made Ling Mo feel pain and happiness at the same time.

“Ehh, you guys didn’t mate?” Li Ya Lin’s gaze went all the way down, then suddenly nodded thoughtfully and said.

Ling Mo reluctantly supported his sore body and slowly sat up.

He obviously didn’t do it with his real body, but in the spiritual world….

He almost couldn’t handle the craziness from the two Shanas….

“Brother Ling, are you okay? How about… Shana?”

Ye Lian walked to Ling Mo’s side, grabbed his hand and stammered.

“She’s fine, I’m also fine. Don’t worry about it.”

Ling Mo said and looked down at Shana with a look of tenderness.

The lips of the unconscious Shana looked tasty as they were opened slightly.

With addition to his participation, the two inexperienced Shanas were simply defeated. In a short while, both of them were hugging each other while rolling around.

The advantages of the spiritual tentacles was that it couldn’t be blocked.

Under the turbulence of Shana’s spirit, the surrounding scenes were constantly changing, but they were basically all the places Shana had been to or had seen.

Finally, Ling Mo ended up being surrounded by flying elves as he used his tentacle to bring the two Shanas simultaneously to their peak.

But Ling Mo didn’t expect for Shana’s real body to actually go berserk due to this…

“I took the opportunity to put the two spiritual light balls together while their spiritual activity had become blank, but can this actually be integrated like this?”

Ling Mo was unsure, but the worst thing that could happen right now was that Shana reverted back to how she was before doing all this.

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