My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 308 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 308 Part 2 – Brother Headshot

On a road from A City to X City, a truck was following behind a line of several off-road vehicles.

On the top of one of the off-road vehicles, a machine gun was placed on top of the car. A rough-looking man was madly sweeping the machine-gun as the barrel continued to spurt out bullets.

Some zombie corpses had been left on the road already and most of the bodies had been torn apart into pieces.


“HAHAHA! This feeling is so great! Those corpses must of been left by the previous group that had passed through a few days ago, right? The bodies are just like shit, attracting more flies!”

The man laughed and said.

The driver who drove the car, frowned while holding a cigarette.

The huge recoil from the machine gun made the vehicle constantly feel a powerful vibration. If it wasn’t because his driving skills were superb, they may have already fallen into a ditch.

He glanced at a young man sitting in front passenger seat and asked aloud, “Captain Yu Wen, what are you doing?”

The young man named Yu Wen raised the documents in his hand and said faintly, “Reading some documents. The construction of the outpost has been completed. It also says that they caught…an advanced zombie.”

“Really? The driver asked with amazement. “That’s really amazing! But what is… advanced?”

“A psychic came up with these ranks and the top brass felt that it was very useful, so they decided to use it as well.” Yu Wen looked down at the documents again, “My interest in this psychic is even higher than this advanced zombie. We can already guess that the advanced zombie that they caught with their abilities should probably be trash. It would be amazing if they could actually capture a high ranking zombie like the one in City A.”

“But I heard from City A, that high ranking zombie hasn’t made any movements recently nor has it attacked the quarantine area.” The driver said happily.

Yu Wen gave him a deep look, “That’s because he realized the power of bullets. But this zombie sure is cunning. After suffering a loss, it has not appeared in front of a gun. But he is only a zombie, and it’s strength is limited. Our current goal is still X City. Once we take over X City, we will have enough capital to cooperate with the Air Force…”

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The driver puffed out smoke and smiled while honking the horn, “COME AND GET IT YOU PIECES OF SHIT!”

More zombies rushed out of the buildings on both sides of the road, and the rough man laughed twice before firing madly again.

However, in the midst of the violent firing sounds, two zombies were quietly hiding in the grass on the side of the road.

When the off-road vehicle whizzed past by, one of the zombies jumped directly on to the window of the driver’s seat while the other one quickly leaped on to a tree, then swung itself on top of the rough man’s head with the help of the tree branches.

The rough man’s laughter immediately came to an abrupt end, and on the top of the headless body, burst a one meter high fountain of blood.

After that zombie landed back down, it immediately rushed towards the off-road vehicle at the rear.

“Advanced…No this is a mutated zombie! Fire!

The people on the second off-road vehicle yelled and lowered down the windows. Two young men popped out on both sides of the window at the same time. After firing a dozen bullets, the speed of the mutant zombie finally slowed down and was smashed by the off-road vehicle onto a guardrail.

At this time, the off-road vehicle at the front was still swinging left and right. The zombie had cracked the window with it’s punch and didn’t shatter into pieces.

The driver’s forehead was full of cold sweat, and he shouted loudly, venting his inner fear.

That zombie was just right outside the window!


Yu Wen shouted, and just as the driver lowered his head, Yu Wen’s fingertips exploded out fire, slamming against the window and shattering it into many pieces.


The driver yelled again in fear. The window had been broken and the glass had fallen on to his head!

The zombie immediately shoved it’s hand inside and tried to pull the driver out.

But it was at this moment, when a group of flames suddenly wrapped around the head of the zombie and it immediately fell backwards and off the vehicle.

Feeling that the wheel of the vehicle had run over the zombie, the pale looking driver finally raised his head slowly.

Yu Wen helped him move the steering wheel, avoiding the fate of hitting a tree, then sat back down on his seat and smelled with his nose, “There’s a strong bloody smell. This is why being arrogant will get you killed. You guys were always inside the isolation zone all day. Did you guys really think it was a paradise outside? Here…it’s actually a slaughterhouse.”

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