My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 309 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 309 Part 2 – Arrival Of The Advance Troops And Shana’s Awakening

Ling Mo anxiously grabbed Shana’s hand.

He originally only had Ye Lian as a lover, but now he had to include Shana and Li Ya Lin as well. The three of them have a place inside his heart and there were no distinctions between them. No matter which one of them got hurt, he would go crazy.

Shana stared at Ling Mo for a while, then suddenly asked quietly, “If something did happen to me, what would you do?”

“I honestly don’t know, I really can’t imagine it. I just know that I will go crazy when I think about it.” Ling Mo said without hesitation.

Shana’s eyes suddenly lit up and she laughed, “Seeing you panic is quite interesting. You asked me so many questions, where should I begin on answering?”

“This girl…..You really need to be taught a lesson! I haven’t even punished you yet for before, and now you just woke up and you actually try to play me again….”

Ling Mo suddenly calmed down. Since she was able to do something like this meant that Shana was really awake, and there wasn’t any problems with her intelligence, but as for her personality disorder it was still unclear.

“Anywhere is fine as long as you clearly let me understand everything, not a detail can be missed!”

Ling Mo wasn’t kidding and asked seriously.

Shana was still smiling and said, “Really? But where do I start from….Ah yes, let’s start from when you appeared in my dreams and “Pa Pa Pa” both of my two personalities…”

Ling Mo awkwardly smiled as Shana started to explain her current situation in detail.

At this moment, she had successfully upgraded to the leader rank and had become one of the most powerful zombies currently known to date.

Moreover, due to Ling Mo’s intervention, her mental strength was not only not damaged, but instead, she had gotten a strong improvement when her spirit reached the ultimate peak of pleasure.

“I figured as much. I wasn’t sure if my spiritual force would improve since you were in a coma, but now that you’re awake, we can test it out.”

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As he finished saying this, Ling Mo’s eyes became empty.

He instantly concentrated his spiritual force and then an invisible substantialization spiritual tentacle fiercely extended and penetrated the far away wall with a “Bang”.

A bowl sized hole appeared immediately. If the target of the attack was a human body, it could probably crush a human head like a watermelon.

Sure enough, when Shana woke up, the improvement of spiritual force in Shana’s body was as if it was being unsealed and immediately incorporated into his spiritual light ball.

At this time, Ling Mo’s spiritual light ball had completely turned into a blood red color and it was unusually thick.

His spiritual force had once again improved, and his concentration of things went up a level. He could clearly hear the bushes downstairs scrape against the blowing wind.

His eyesight had also improved a bit. At this time, the light in the room had started to dim, but Ling Mo could basically still see the expression changes on Shana’s face.

On the other side of the hole, it was the bathroom.

Ye Lian was currently holding a towel with nothing covering her whole body while staring blankly at the big hole that had suddenly appeared.

Li Ya Lin, who was also naked, was helping her wash her hair. She also became stunned when she heard the noise.

“I’m sorry…Ehh, why is Hei Si also here?”

As the sounds of water splashing was heard, Li Ya Lin’s voice said, “We are teaching her how to take a bath. If you wanted to watch, you could have just asked, why did you need to make a hole…”

Shana stared at the big hole in surprise and said, “The rate of improvement is the same as my evolution. Although I upgraded to the leader rank, my evolutionary direction is spiritual. Look at my eyes.”

In that short moment of contact with Shana’s eyes, Ling Mo felt absent-minded, but he soon woke up and found Shana rubbing her temples.

“Sure enough, human psychics have an advantage in spiritual force. I just tried to confuse you and instinctively put a shield and countered me.”

Shana smiled bitterly.

Her expression made Ling Mo stunned. He didn’t know why, but he vaguely felt that the Shana he met as a human in the beginning had seemed to come back.

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