My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 31


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 31 – Awaiting

In the bedroom, Shana is still unconscious, but Ye Lian is sitting on the bed, her pair of unusually bright eyes virtually riveted on Shana.

Ye Lian obviously could not eat food for normal humans, but Ling Mo wasn’t intending on feeding her. But since he said that he is to deliver the meal, he would have to disappear for a while. By using this time, Ling Mo again walked over to Shana, carefully observing her for any changes to her vitals.

For a person who has consecutively swallowed two virus gels, Shana’s reaction is way too calm. She is breathing calmly, her face not discolored, and does not have any trace of painful expression. But one thing is for sure is that, under the disguise of the calmness, there must be a virus storm raging inside Shana’s body. But nobody knows, what will the aftermath of the storm leaves Shana.

After carefully observing Shana for more than ten minutes, Ling Mo returned to the living room. At this time the sky has gradually darkened, for safety, Ling Mo pulled down the curtain from the balcony completely, and also used furniture to block the door. This way even if something starts attacking, there’s at least somewhat of a barricade.

Wang Cheng and Liu Yu Hao also started to become tense, to stay in this completely unfamiliar environment to stay for a night, for them is still a bit too much. Who knows when the zombies will pass by the door?

“Don’t make too much noise.” Ling Mo’s expression is almost stoic, as he whispered under his breath.

“Then how will the watch be arranged tonight?” Liu Yu Hao is clearly treating Ling Mo as the leader.

Ling Mo gave a little thought, then said: “each person takes turns for three hours, Shana will be guarded by Ye Lian at all times, but I will also go check one them both when it’s my turn. “

“No, just me and Wang Cheng rotate. Big brother Ling, you and big sister Ye Lian guard Shana.” But Liu Yu Hao slowly shook his head, and said: “you have to defend, but also guarding Shana, this is way too exhausting for you. Me and Wang Cheng have nothing to do right now, the only thing we could do is this.”

Wang Cheng also nodded on the side, indicating that he has no objection. Seeing them insist, Ling Mo could only reluctantly agree.

In fact, to be on watch duty is not an easy task. Not for the things you can fight off, but for the gradual drain on your sanity. As soon as the night comes, inside the supposedly abandoned building, you start hearing sounds, most of which you don’t know if it’s coming from your own head! To make matters worse, no lighting in the hallway means that a passing shadow could be anything from a scampering rat to a mutant zombie, ready to attack.

Occasionally there would be a slightly louder voice which would send the person on duty to jump up like a frightened bird, then nervously stare out into the hallway, looking for any danger, further fueling their paranoia….

But Wang Cheng still felt that even if he had to stay in the living room afraid and paranoid, it would be better than staying with the current Shana. Therefore he not only offered to be on duty on the first shift, he even took a stool to sit at the doorway, intently gazing outwards. After all if there is trouble, he will most likely be the first one to die among this group regardless.

And although Liu Yu Hao is full of anxious thoughts, he was simply overworked from the day’s stresses, and was physically exhausted. He almost instantly fell into a deep sleep on the couch.

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And Ling Mo moved a sofa chair into the bedroom, sat down on the far most corner, closing his eyes to meditate. This day Ling Mo was also exhausted, he could not be compared to zombies, if he doesn’t seize the time to rest, his physical strength will not be recovered by tomorrow. Facing a few zombies is no challenge for an awake Ling Mo, but if he encountered another horde, his speed and physical strength would quickly be sapped.

Through constant exertion using zombie puppet control, Ling Mo’s exceptional mental fortitude allows him even get the most out of his sleeping time. By alternating between very deep sleep and being completely awake over a matter of minutes, he is both able to keep watch of his surroundings and sleep better than ordinary survivors. This kind of sleeping mode is most likely mastered by all survivors, but Ling Mo is exceptionally proficient at it.

The so-called spiritual power, from Ling Mo’s perspective, is most likely a general name for concentration, observation and other mental capacities. He has the ability to control zombie puppets, it is to separate his own spiritual power to use to control zombies who are without senses and can only rely on instincts. To use one heart in two places is not a simple task, especially applying it into battle. Life and death battle, the emphasis is on speed of response of nerves and flesh, if one cannot concentrate, how could he keep up with the zombies’ action?

Therefore in the beginning, Ling Mo is only using the controlled zombie puppets to combat, while he is hiding behind the scenes, safe from harm, and later use the cover by zombie puppets he would rush out to battle to claim brain gels. When he began to manipulate a mutated Ye Lian, Ling Mo then started to master fighting along with zombie puppets. In this process, Ling Mo’s spiritual power has already received enough practices, therefore when Ye Lian evolved; Ling Mo underwent an explosion in spiritual power, and evolving as he controlled two mutated zombies at once.

The evolution of spiritual ability is a relatively vague concept, only Ling Mo could understand that kind of feeling. In simple terms, before when he controlled Ye Lian, especially controlling her to battle, he always has to be concentrated, or else Ye Lian will tend to easily get out of his control. And even though Ling Mo’s reaction time is very fast, but when he deliver his command to Ye Lian, he always feels as if he is lagging behind by a fraction of a second. If Ling Mo likened commands as transmission center, then his spiritual power is like a connection hub, and in the process of data transmission, if this connection hub is not strong enough, there will always be delays, like a poor internet connection.

But after evolution, this connection hub is instantly leveled a notch as well, and the transmission of commands had therefore become even more stable and effectively instantaneous!

For example like right now, Ye Lian in Ling Mo’s feeling is like a shadow clone of himself of which he could manipulate without hindrance. Of course, Ling Mo did not really meant to treat her as his primary weapon. In fact during the combat, Ling Mo has been consciously training his own strength, and not to completely rely on Ye Lian. In most situations, he is the main one, and Ye Lian as the support. Even though ordinary people and zombies have huge differences, Ling Mo still tries his hardest to defeat them single-handedly, coming on top as a result.

The reason that zombies can strike fear in people is that as soon as they discovered their prey, they will madly and relentlessly attack until they are literally ripped apart at the seams. Ordinary survivors tend to fear zombies, and when one comes around to attack, they are so concerned about not being injured and subsequently infected that they hold back in attacking, an oftentimes fatal mistake. But to Ling Mo who has been dealing with zombies, and even living together with one, zombies are not that scary!

Put aside the fact that zombies usually charge in hordes, in the case of encountering a single zombie, even an unarmed survivor has the advantage! Zombies only know how to attack, and while that may appear to be frightening, it is also their downfall against a level headed opponent, who knows how to defend and counterattack.

But Ling Mo also knew that most people still need to hold on to a group to be able to barely survive, because most of them were civilians before the apocalypse, never harming anything larger than an insect in their whole lives. Not only that, in this kind of urban city, there is just such a large number of zombies. One madman is not terrible, but what about a group of mad people? Millions of bloodthirsty mad undead wandering in the city, what kind of terrible sight is that!

Even for Ling Mo himself, even if he relies on the zombie puppet ability, and with a mutated zombie like Ye Lian next to him, the combat couple stands no chance against a group of chargers. Reflecting back at the revolving door in the commercial building, even if they used the advantage of environment to wipe out that group of zombies, causalities still occurred among the group. And Ling Mo thought to himself, in that situation, if there were only himself and Ye Lian, they would have perished that day. If it wasn’t for the crazy fighting Shana…


Only instinct could provide an explanation as to why Ling Mo bolted out of bed, threw aside his blanket, and dashed towards Shana.

Just this moment, Shana who was under the watch of Ye Lian, suddenly opened her eyes….

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