My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 310 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 310 Part 1 – If You Lose I Smack Your Ass

As if she understood that Ling Mo was confused, Shana explained, “My two personalities have been preserved, but the thinking from my human side and zombie side still can’t be fully merged together.”

“Can’t be merged? Don’t tell me…they swallowed each other up?”

Ling Mo was nervous again, everything he had done so far was to prevent this from happening.

Perhaps the zombie side of Shana wouldn’t really care about this feeling, but Ling Mo felt that the human side of Shana would not feel great about suddenly losing a part of herself.

Being able to protect them to the greatest extent was what Ling Mo felt a man should do for his woman.

Under Ling Mo’s anxious eyes, Shana shook her head, “It can’t be considered swallowing. It feels as if they are in the same consciousness group, but there isn’t any feeling of division, nor the feeling of being completely merged. If you ask me, they probably decided to coexist together peacefully. They won’t be noisy anymore. My head will finally be free of the two voices.”

Seeing that Ling Mo was still confused, Shana smiled and said, “So now my situation has become very strange. For example, right now when there is nothing attacking me, my zombie side is completely suppressed, but…”

As she said this, her pupils slowly turned into a blood red color. This color was very strange and the more you looked at it, the more dazed you would be.

At the same time, the corner of her mouth rose and temperament suddenly changed dramatically.

There was basically no change between her expression now and the one she had a second ago,  but Ling Mo felt as if the temperature around him seems to have dropped several degrees, and the air around him seems to have been locked in place, as if he made any slightly large movements, he would be attacked immediately.

This was the pressure of a leader rank zombie! It was the natural pressure of a higher rank creature facing a lower rank creature!

For zombies at this rank, human beings were only considered lower rank creatures!

“In this state, I am a complete zombie. I will laugh as I tear up all the enemies in front of me. Without hesitation, nor timidity, and eagerness for the taste of blood…”

Shana opened her mouth slightly, revealing her white teeth.

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Ling Mo stared at her blankly, and then couldn’t help hold his belly as he laughed, “Basically that means that means once you enter the zombie state, you will automatically open your second mode, right? Okay, I understand….”

Just as Ling Mo was still laughing, Shana suddenly hugged him.

“Thank you. There are too many things that I want to thank you for, this time, it’s also the same…Although the current me wouldn’t really care as much, but if I were to really lose a part of myself….”

But halfway in her words, Shana’s hand suddenly pinched Ling Mo’s waist, “You actually did that kind of thing to me in the spiritual world. Do you know how painful it was! The spiritual world doesn’t make me feel that pain is some kind of pleasure. It’s connected to my consciousness and pain is hard to bear especially when my feeling of pain is 100% restored in there!”

“Ah! That hurts….I didn’t have a choice!”

Ling Mo whispered and said, “Plus aren’t you exaggerating the pain a bit!”

The color of Shana’s eyes had returned back to normal, and her face had a hint of irritability and shame, “Hmph, I read something before that said….It was very painful at that time, as if a cucumber was stuffed into a nostril. The subconsciousness was so eager, so….”

“What the hell have you been reading…” Ling Mo was speechless.

to be continued…

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