My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 310 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 310 Part 2 – If You Lose I Smack Your Ass

The next day, Ling Mo couldn’t wait to take Ye Lian and the girls out of the door, and Hei Si was left to guard the house.

They kept moving in the opposite direction of the bus station until the distance between them and the two puppets had reached 2,500 meters.

This was still within Ling Mo’s current controlling distance and hadn’t reached his limit.

If he didn’t need to care about the massive consumption of spiritual force, he could actually extend this distance to about three kilometers.

In a densely populated area, this would already be a terrifying number.

This meant that Ling Mo could hide in a very safe place and then kill while being basically invisible.

The most terrifying kind of psychic would be the one that’s able to have a ghost-like attack which was hard for people to defend against.

However, in the face of a large number of zombies, Ling Mo’s advantage wasn’t that big. He was technically still a human being, and essentially a person who is afraid of bullets.

“There is a middle school here. Let’s stay here for today and practice our teamwork again. Of course, we also need know what kind of level Shana’s strength has reached as well.”

Ling Mo simply explained today’s goals.

Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling were staring at Shana with curiosity. She immediately revealed an awkward look and coughed, “Why are you all staring at me…”

“Sure enough, having a human side will at least give a deserving reaction to the situation….When she isn’t in the zombie state, she’s basically the Shana from before.”

Ling Mo thought in his mind.

“Actually, it’s not necessary for all of us to fight together in order to work together.” Shana suddenly said, “Have you forgotten that I’m a martial arts student? When we practiced it was usually with others. I know some methods that might help us out.”

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“Oh yeah, I forgot there was an expert around me. Then tell us your thoughts.” Ling Mo said.

Shana nodded, “To understand my current strength and also incorporate it into our teamwork, why don’t we….split up into two groups. Ye Lian and I are in one group while you and Senior Sister are in another group, and then we fight each other? ¬†Of course, you can’t cheat and swap visions, otherwise we will definitely lose.”

“Ah…no problem!”

Ling Mo nodded immediately. This method was indeed more efficient and more meaningful than simply fighting against zombies.

“But if it is just a simple confrontation, this will be too boring. How about we do a hunting competition instead? Whoever hunts the most virus gels before reaching the top floor of the school’s teaching building will win. In addition to being able to fight against each other, if an attack can’t be dodged or will cause death, that person receiving the attack will have lost. Obviously, I won’t really cut you guys for real.”

Shana showed a sly smile and said.

“However, I think Senior Sister should be with you.” Ling Mo suddenly said.

“Then won’t you be completely vulnerable?” Li Ya Ling smiled and reached out to touch Ling Mo’s cheek, “Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider grouping up with me instead Junior brother? I will take good care of you.”

Even Ye Lian nodded and said worriedly, “They….they are both leader…rank.”

Ling Mo smiled confidently, “I’m only trying to make the game fairer. Also, Senior Sister, why is your hand suddenly touching down here! I knew that you had evil intentions when you said you would take good care of me!”

“So annoying, you’re obviously my spouse, but you won’t let me have children, nor will you mate with me at anytime, anywhere…” Li Ya Lin said with a smiled. The look she had on her was as if she was a temptress and Ling Mo suddenly couldn’t help but feel a heat start rise from his abdomen.

However, he was still able to have some self-control. This was not the time to go into battle in that field.

Plus, if he was the type to follow his needs, perhaps he might have already been doing it. Indulgence should be moderate.

“I am a human being, not some zombie who can go three hundred rounds a day! In addition, don’t think that just because your a zombie, you can have your way with me at any time! Right now, improving our strength should be our goals! Finally, it isn’t my fault that you aren’t pregnant with children!”

No matter how I look at it, it’s the virus’s fault for killing countless children! Ling Mo thought to himself.

His attitude was firm, which made Li Ya Lin and Shana look at each other immediately.

“Heehee, fine then, but when you lose later, tonight you’re going to have to listen to me.”

Li Ya Lin reluctantly removed her hand and stared at Ling Mo with eyes that seemed as if she wanted to eat him up. Ling Mo suddenly had chills.

Shana also smiled, “Sister Ye Lian, you’re basically at the top of the advanced zombie rank. Your physical strength and combat ability should be about the same as mine, right? Maybe even stronger. But if you lose against me, I’ll smack your ass then.”


“Because you’re the boss!”

“Hey, stop bullying Sister Ye Lian….Ah! Who pinched me?!”

As the only middle school in the neighborhood, the school was built very large. There were zombies everywhere.

Ling Mo and Ye Lian directly hopped over a fence and landed in a patch of grass on the side of the science building.

He activated his spiritual detection ability and briefly looked at the situation in the science building.

After his spiritual strength increased, the ability to use his tentacles to pass through obstacles was much easier to do.

There were some spiritual light balls in the first and second floors of the science building, some of them even had some weak fluctuations which seems likely that they were mutated zombies.

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