My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 311 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 311 Part 1 – Training

“After my spiritual force became stronger, it made things much more convenient. Although it can’t go through any more obstacles after directly going through three floors, it is now much better than before.”

Ling Mo nodded with satisfaction and then said to Ye Lian, “Three on the first floor and four on the second floor.”

If Hei Si was here at this time, Ling Mo could transfer what he had detected from his perspective and pass it on to Ye Lian.

But the distance now between them was too far apart, thus limiting this ability.

Ye Lian immediately climbed a window agilely and then jumped in.

With her strength at the pinnacle of the advanced zombie rank, it was easy for her to clean up a few mutated zombies.

Ling Mo hooked a materialized spiritual tentacle on to a window on the third floor and pulled himself up.

These days, he had become much more skillful in using his spiritual tentacles. Actions like this were no longer unsmooth since he had practiced doing such actions countless times already.

In a blink of an eye, Ling Mo appeared on the third floor window as if he was attached to a invisible steel wire.

The room inside the window was a biology classroom. As soon as he entered, a zombie screamed and yelled from a desk before launching itself at him.

“You don’t need to be so excited to see me…”

Ling Mo reluctantly rolled his eyes, this zombie fell down like a broken kite once it was less than two meters away from him. A bloody hole had appeared between it’s eyebrows.

“This time it didn’t go completely through, and was able to just shoot inside like an arrow and grab the virus gel out…The biggest progress I made so far is my accuracy…”

Two more zombies threw themselves from both sides, and Ling Mo responded with the same attack method.

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“One hit the left eye, penetrating right inside. The other one went inside from the chin and was blocked by the bones. Unfortunately, I didn’t put enough strength into it, so I ended up unable to pierce it…”

The spiritual tentacle that went inside from the chin, broke out through the zombie’s mouth. The zombie sprayed out blood while falling to the ground.

“I think I got it. If I add another third of my strength, it will be enough to cause a penetrating injury which could then achieve fatality.”

Ling Mo crouched down and picked up a bloody gel and put it into his pocket, while at the same time analyzed the experience he just gained from the battle.

Some psychics, after getting their abilities, didn’t bother training and just enjoyed seeing the eyes of ordinary people look at them with respect, while others were just happy that they were able to kill zombies.

However, Ling Mo couldn’t be like this since his responsibilities required him to protect Ye Lian and the girls, so he practically practiced whenever he was free.

The more responsibilities you had, the bigger the effort you had to give.

“This amount of strength is probably enough…”

A spiritual tentacle attack like this consumed almost the same amount of spiritual force each time. This was also one of the main reasons why Ling Mo decided to aim for the head.

With the least amount of spiritual force consumption, he could cause the biggest amount of damage, and at the same time use only one strike to guarantee a kill, which was much better than aiming at the target’s torso.

“If I could control myself and lower the amount of errors each time, I could basically fight using this method for more than three hours. This amount of time should be enough to deal with most battles. Unfortunately my body won’t be able to last that long. If I was able to improve physically then it would be a different story… In short, I should first use the Spider Empress’ blood and see the results before figuring out what to do next.”

Ling Mo thought in his mind.

By the time Ye Lian cleaned up the mutated zombies in the first two floors, Ling Mo had also cleared the zombies on the third and fourth floors.

Looking at Ling Mo jump directly down from the fourth floor and then landing quietly in front of her, Ye Lian asked curiously, “Brother Ling, what are you….doing?”

“Huh? How was it? Don’t you think I look handsome flying in the sky?”

“Why don’t you take the stairs? Isn’t….the amount of time the same?” Ye Lian blinked and asked.

Ling Mo awkwardly smiled and said, “I’m still not used to using this method to come down…not everyone can easily jump down a tall building while thinking happy thoughts…”

This was an escape method Ling Mo had come up with for himself, but because of his nervousness, the speed at which he flew down was a lot slower than when he rose up.

One of the main weaknesses of spiritual force for psychics was that once they produced unclear thoughts, such as uneasiness, or fear, the effect of their abilities would greatly be reduced or even interrupted by themselves.

The same holds true in battle. Ling Mo had gradually gotten a feel on the amount of power needed to cause a certain amount of damage and as long as he was able to control the amount of spiritual force within the attack, everything would be alright.

However, in battle, not everyone can keep a calm mind.

Once shaken, the strength of an attack would immediately be reduced.

These were all the rules that Ling Mo learned by himself and were also the hardest rules to master.

Even until now, he is still currently on the learning stage.

to be continued…

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