My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 311 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 311 Part 2 – Training

“Let’s not waste any more time talking about this, we need to hurry. If those two bimbos win, our lives are going to be very miserable!”

This middle school was very large. The entrance that was chosen by each group was located diagonally from each other. The mid point between these two locations was the teaching building. [1]

This arrangement guaranteed fairness for both sides since there would be a similar amount of zombies on each side.

On the path to the middle, there were many other buildings here as well.

Shana’s idea of a hunting competition was a great idea.

If Ling Mo’s only objective was to reach a certain place, he could have gotten there within 5 minutes.

However, since it was necessary for him to hunt the mutated zombies, it took him more than half an hour to get into the teaching building.

Seeing that the zombies around him didn’t seem much different from each other, Ling Mo immediately showed a look of excitement.

“Ye Lian, it seems that we might have just won this competition.” Ling Mo said.

But Ye Lian shook her head, “That… That might not be the case.”

Soon, Ling Mo also discovered the problem. After using his spiritual detection ability, he noticed that all the zombies in the first and second floor were mutated zombies. There wasn’t even one ordinary zombie there.

He quickly looked up the stairs, just in time to see Shana resting on the fourth floor window, waving at him with a smile.

“What the hell is going on here? How could they be so fast!”

Ling Mo was stunned.

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Shana stood above whistling and said, “You still don’t understand yet? Senior Sister and I are both Zombie Leaders. It’s very simple for us to drive away mutated zombies. We found all of them but didn’t kill them. Instead we decided to use them as a weapon against you! We still haven’t reached the top yet Brother Ling, if you rush up now, maybe you still might have a chance!”

“So smart…”

Ling Mo was suddenly dazed. He really didn’t expect for Shana to actually have this kind of thinking. He really didn’t expect Shana to use her advantages as a Zombie Leader.

Zombies that had intellect were surely overpowered!

“No, we can still win this. They don’t have any virus gels in their hands! Even if they reach the top floor, without any virus gels, they would still lose as a result!”

Ling Mo suddenly thought of a key point. He pulled Ye Lian and the both of them ran out of their hiding place.

The shouting made by Shana caused the zombies outside the building to move. As soon as they appeared, these zombies immediately rushed towards Ling Mo.

Ye Lian pulled out the Tang Sword and leaped up.

And the zombies who had bypassed her, immediately fell down on the ground once they were close to Ling Mo.

“I can lower the consumption of spiritual force if I control the spiritual tentacles to only go within a certain distance. This is a sustainable way to combat so many zombies…”

Compared with just random killing, Ling Mo’s direction of practice was more about how to kill a lot of enemies quickly and accurately.

Because his enemy wasn’t just only zombies, but also humans with weapons!

There was indeed a lot of mutated zombies in the teaching building. They almost completely blocked Ling Mo’s path after being led over here.

After a fierce battle, Ling Mo was rubbing his temples as he stood behind the door to the rooftop while Ye Lian was behind him carrying a Tang Sword that had blood dripping down.

“Huuu! We have obtained all the gels already, all that’s left is to take care of these two girls…”

As soon as Ling Mo opened the door to the roof, he saw Shana standing not too far away and looking at him with a smile.

His heart shook and he yelled “SHIT!”

A black shadow jumped down from the top of his head and directly threw itself on to him.

This shadow was like a snake waiting for it’s prey. It attacked so fast that it was hard to imagine someone that could move with such speed, and even Ye Lian didn’t have time to react.

At the moment of feeling danger, Ling Mo immediately used his spiritual tentacles to guard his head.

But this shadow didn’t intend to attack him. The moment Ling Mo used his spiritual tentacles to protect himself, he suddenly felt that his pocket became a little lighter.

[1] Schools in China are designed slightly different then the ones in the America. Usually in America, Middle Schools are just one big building while schools in China have multiple buildings.

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