My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 312 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 312 Part 1 – Eyes of a Peeper

“You lost.”

Li Ya Lin took the bag filled with virus gels and stood next to Shana while wearing a big smile and said.

Ling Mo bitterly smiled, “Very good. I can’t believe that you guys were able to come up with a plan to trick me. But I’m glad to see that you two have such good teamwork. After all, good team work is always better than fighting alone. Not to mention that it can also allow you to realize your true potential. The problem you guys previously had was that you didn’t bother to cooperate with each other, but it seems that this issue has been resolved.”

Ling Mo walked over to Shana and when he was in front of Shana, he raised his hand and smacked her butt, “You still need to be punished.”

“AHHH!” Shana screamed, “Why are you smacking me?”

“I’ll smack it whenever I want! Who told you to be mine?” Ling Mo said with a sly smile.

At the same time, Li Ya Lin was right about to sneak away, but was grabbed by Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles, and the sounds of a butt being smacked was transmitted inevitably.

“Ah…Oh my, this is such a good feeling, let’s smack it a bit more okay?”

In the next few days, Ling Mo’s group tried various training methods. The main goals of the training were based solely on cooperation and exploring their potential.

After entering the ranks of a zombie leader, Shana’s strength was about the same as before, but her intelligence seems to have been greatly increased.

Human thinking allowed her to suppress the killing desires that zombies had and also allowed her to think of more complicated ways to solve a problem.

In fact, Shana was a genius in cheating people.

“It just so happens that I’m not a mean person. From now on, you can take this role. Our goal in the future will be to cheat all our enemies and win the biggest victory with the lowest price.”

Ling Mo said with a serious expression.

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“En, but on a different topic, Brother Ling, when are you planning to stop kneading my breasts?” Shana asked with a smile.

Ling Mo replied with a straight face, “Am I? I’m just practicing my spiritual tentacles on your breasts though.”

“Then… how does it feel?”

“Although it’s small, the texture is soft and has elasticity. There is room for development since it has great potential.” Ling Mo thought and summed up.

“As for Senior Sister, you are really good at surprise attacks. You could probably have a higher chance in killing your enemies if you learned a few things from Shana. What you’re doing now is actually wasting your potential. It’s obvious that you’re great at hiding your aura, even my spiritual detection can’t accurately sense you, and your movements can be raised to the maximum in an instant. Unfortunately your killing technique isn’t that good.”

After hearing what Ling Mo had said, Li Ya Lin, who was sitting on the bed, immediately nodded. “No problem, I have already started to learn from Shana. Fortunately, I’m a zombie so I have good memory. Although I don’t have a foundation in this area, it doesn’t take much effort for me to learn this.”

“As for Ye Lian, her strength is quite balanced. So like other zombies, she has strong resilience and excellent melee ability. When it comes to close combat, she should be able to last the longest.”

Although her all around strength is quite average, it does have its benefits.

Let’s use Li Ya Lin for an example, once the enemy was able to keep some distance between her, she would become less threatening for them.

While Ye Lian on the other hand would have more ways to keep pressuring her opponent. Ling Mo didn’t bother letting her learn any combat skills. As a zombie, they were naturally born for battle and zombies had a terrifying talent in killing. But out of the three female zombies, only she displayed great talent in this area.

Although Shana and Li Ya Lin both have their own areas of dominance, but their flaws were quite obvious.

In the next few days, the Falcon camp outpost had very little movements. They sent a few batches of people out every day to investigate. It seems that they were still at the stage of collecting intelligence.

However, the unusual atmosphere there could clearly be sensed by other people, that they weren’t far from taking action.

to be continued…

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