My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 312 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 312 Part 2 – Eyes of a Peeper

Today, three man walked out from the Falcon Camp outpost. The leader of the three was a young man with messy hair and looked like a degenerate. He was holding a cigarette while going through some data.

“Did Chen Youdong really say that? Does that psychic really take care of a girl with that name?”

The young man asked without looking up.

One of the men in a camouflage uniform nodded, “That’s what he said.”

“En, based on the description of her appearance, it must be her. Damn it! Why didn’t they report to me earlier! Now we don’t know where that psychic went!” The young leader yelled out, then turned around and said to the other man who was silent, “I’ll have to count on you to help me this time, Zhang Yu.”

The man wore a black trench coat and stood straight. He looked less like a soldier and more like a cold blooded killer.

He glanced at the young man and asked slowly, “Yu Wenxuan, why must you go after her? I know she is your sister, but in this period…You should have seen it already, everyone has lost a lot.”

Yu Wenxuan’s expression suddenly became a bit strange, “What if I were to say it was because I’m becoming more and more tired of living? My life is like a zombie and the only reason why I stand here every day is to live. But this kind of life is easy for animals to adjust to, but for humans, it is a bit boring.”

“That seriously is a shitty reason. Fine, I understand, I will help you. After all, you did save my life. But the mission still comes first, OK?” Zhang Yu said.

Yu Wenxuan nodded and look at the other person, “Ma Teng, explain our mission this time.”

“First, we will look around for any places that might have bullets. According to our intelligence department, there is a police station and a military division nearby. We are now facing a serious shortage of bullets, but fortunately, after establishing the isolation zone, we will be able to gain more resources. There were many troops stationed in X City and many materials were left alone.”

After Ma Teng finished reporting, he sighed and continued, “Compared to X City, the resources in City A are still too small. Although it’s surrounded by nature and is good area for production, but if we need to support so many people, we still need to get X City. I remember there should be a weapons arsenal around here, right? Only problem is we don’t know the exact location.”

“Don’t worry. Whether it’s the weapons arsenal or somewhere else, it is bound to be ours!”

Yu Wenxuan was confidently holding the hair in front of his forehead and said.

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Yu Wenxuan had a relaxed expression as he pulled out a tactical knife from his waist and proceeded to cut a line on his arm. He then handed the tactical knife with blood to Zhang Yu, “I can only turn to you for this.”

After Zhang Yu took the knife, he smelled it carefully, and then licked it.

As he slowly closed his eyes, Yu Wenxuan became a little bit nervous.

“No, I can’t sense anything. It might be distance problem.” Zhang Yu opened his eyes and shook his head.

His eyes looked terrible at this moment. It had almost turned completely white, just as if you were staring at someone that was about to die. It took a while before his eyes returned back to normal.

“Damn it!”

Yu Wenxuan took back the tactical knife and roared.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s focus on the task first. I already remember the smell, if a relative of yours is nearby, I will sense them.”

Zhang Yu’s words made Yu Wenxuan feel relieved. After the three of them figured out the direction, they quickly disappeared into a building along this road.

At the same time, Ling Mo, who was at the retirement home, exhaled a long deep breath, “I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt that someone was probing around and for some reason they probed directly over here. Fortunately, I was able to set up a shield in time and the person probing us didn’t find us. What exactly are those three people trying to do?”

That probing ability just now was very strange. If it wasn’t for Ling Mo’s strong spiritual force, they probably would have been discovered by the other party immediately.

However, the feeling of that ability was different compared to Chen Youdong’s ability. Unfortunately, due to the lack of information, Ling Mo couldn’t figure out what type of psychic the other party was.

Ling Mo arranged the zombie puppet to check on the outpost and discovered the three people. He also noticed their weird behavior.

“The person that was probing should probably be the man who had his eyes closed.”

At the same time, at the corner of a street, Zhang Yu, who had a calm expression, suddenly said, “I just saw a strange zombie.”

“A strange zombie? How so?” Ma Teng asked curiously.

Zhang Yu’s expression became weird, “He seems to be …. peeking at us. He clearly sees us but doesn’t bother attacking us. This doesn’t make any sense.”

“Really? Let’s go and take look!” Yu Wenxuan immediately became interested.

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