My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 313 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 313 Part 1 – Noob Killer

“Although I didn’t sense Yu Wenxuan’s sister when I probed a few moments ago, I did discover him unexpectedly. In order not to alert the enemy and act rashly, I didn’t tell you right away.”

Zhang Yu whispered as he walked quietly along the wall.

Behind him, he was followed by Yu Wenxuan and Ma Teng, both had different expressions on their faces.

Yu Wenxuan seems to be quite excited. His hands was constantly pulling his hair and making the hair in front of his forehead a mess. “So that means we might have accidentally discovered a top-level zombie? Sure enough, my dear sister is my lucky star. I haven’t even met her and she sent me a gift…”

“This zombie was clearly discovered by Zhang Yu…But a high level advanced zombie? Is it like the same kind that attacked our camp?”

Ma Teng widened his eyes and asked.

Zhang Yu nodded, “If you’re talking about the zombie that escaped from our camp, who was also the strongest that we have ever met, then I think that’s what Yu Wenxuan meant.”

“How could that be possible? What about the eyes? Did you get a clear look on the eyes?”

“I only just glanced at it and didn’t get a good look at the eyes…” Zhang Yu said with a bit of shame.

Ma Teng said incredulously, “If it really was a top-level zombie, how could it hide and watch a fat piece of meat walk in front of it and not eat it?  Moreover, X City is so big, how could we possibly be so unlucky to bump into one the moment we set out?!”

His expression looked a little bit nervous as he spoke. He was obviously extremely afraid of the “top-level zombie”.

The moment he heard Yu Wenxuan say that they might have encountered a top-level zombie, he immediately refuted.

“Hehe, what you said isn’t incorrect, but apart from a top-level zombie, I really can’t think of other zombies that would make such an unusual move. According to Zhang Yu, this zombie is hiding in a pile shrubs, just like a scout. Only a top level zombie would do this kind of observation and look for the best time to attack.”

Yu Wenxuan’s eyes got brighter and brighter, and the frequency of him grabbing his hair also sped up immediately, “I didn’t expect that we would encounter such a zombie just when we arrived in X City. I’m beginning to become more and more interested in X City. It’s filled will surprises.”

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This crazy talk of his made Ma Teng immediately sweat. Although this captain of theirs was very strong, but it was too dangerous to follow him. Even his old comrade who had followed Yu Wenxuan for a long time, sometimes felt a lot of pressure because of the crazy thinking Yu Wenxuan had.

Yu Wenxuan’s team was considered an oddity in the Falcon Camp. They had the fewest members and the highest mortality rate.

However, those who died were often the newly added team members. On the contrary, almost all the old team members who followed Yu Wenxuan through his craziness have all gained the ability to be independent.

Chen Youdong came from Yu Wenxuan’s team. He would privately hand important information to Yu Wenxuan from time to time. Although this behavior was forbidden in the camp, but as long there’s no actual proof, no one would dare try and find trouble for a madman.

Crazy Xuan was Yu Wenxuan’s nickname, but he also had another one which was more well known: The Noob Killer.

Ma Teng wiped his forehead and said, “If what Captain Yu Wen said is true and this is a top-level zombie, then shouldn’t we head back immediately and inform the others. Then send people to surround this area and work together to kill him? We should take action before it  does!”

Yu Wenxuan clicked his tongue twice, then extended a finger, and shook it before saying.

“So naive. If a top-level zombie was so easy to kill, then we wouldn’t have let the one in A City escape. In any case, according to our current information, a zombie at this level is very cunning, with a high degree of intelligence that is close to humans, with strong combat instincts, as well as crazy self-healing abilities….”

Zhang Yu frowned and nodded in agreement, “Yeah, that’s not very feasible. After all, the information we have isn’t completely accurate. Everything is based on our theories.”

“Not only that, any zombie with a bit of intelligence would hide themselves the moment they see a large number of human beings approach them. This zombie would probably try and escape.” Yu Wenxuan added.

During the discussion, the three men had already gone around a building.

Zhang Yu immediately raised his hand to stop them from speaking and then gestured, “Outflank both sides, capture alive.”

All three were well trained and immediately spread out after nodding.

This building stood diagonally opposite of the bus station. Next to it, was an alley that led towards the direction of Ling Mo’s retirement home.

The outer perimeter of the building had a mini garden surrounding it, but after a half of year, it had become a chaotic forest.

To be continued…

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