My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 313 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 313 Part 2 – Noob Killer

The zombie puppet that Ling Mo controlled quietly lingered in the grass, almost blending completely with the surrounding scenery.

Even if someone passed by, as long as the zombie puppet didn’t move, the other party would never notice the existence of the puppet.

Usually, Ling Mo would always change his field of vision every hour and observe the situation at the bus station for a while.

The moment he saw Zhang Yu and his team disappear from his field of vision, Ling Mo was ready to switch back his vision to his main body.

But it was at this moment when he suddenly felt a strong wind blow behind him.

A figure pressed him heavily on the ground and then directly grabbed both of his arms.

A “Ka-Cha” sound came out and both arms immediately lost strength and fell down softly.

At the same time, there was a burning sensation coming from the ankles of the zombie puppet. After the two flames burned the ankles of the zombie, they surprisingly died out.

Even though this zombie puppet was only a mutated zombie, it was still strong, but unfortunately that strength was removed from its hands and feet.

Although Ling Mo reacted at the moment of being attacked, the speed of these ambushers was just too fast and their cooperation between each other was very tacit!

“The zombie puppet was actually attacked…”

This sudden situation made Ling Mo dumbstruck, but he quickly calmed down, “It’s fine still, although I don’t know how they found the zombie puppet, but as long as they can’t find me, it won’t matter. Sure enough, these three people weren’t normal people. For them to have this kind of strength, they probably also have a bit of status in the Falcon Camp…”

With such a thought, Ling Mo restrained the impulse to immediately cut off the spiritual connection.

“Done, he won’t be able to recover in a short time, there’s no need to even tie him up.”

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Zhang Yu rubbed his fingers and said with a smile.

He had used his hands to dislocate the arms of Ling Mo’s zombie puppet.

Yu Wenxuan pinched his hair and walked in front of the zombie with a smile.

Even though he was attacked, Ling Mo was still able to see their respective means of attack. The strange flame was conjured by Yu Wenxuan.


Yu Wenxuan lit up a cigarette, and after taking a deep breath, he blew the smoke into the face of the zombie, “These eyes….they don’t belong to a top-level zombie.”

The tone he had sounded very disappointing, “This little zombie brother couldn’t be squatting under the bushes to take a shit ,could he? It seems that other than looking a little bit ugly, there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it.”

However, while he was asking questions, he had already pulled out a tactical knife and made a cut on the arm of the zombie puppet, and then handed the blood-stained knife to Zhang Yu, “Identify this, there should be no reason why our trip here was in vain.”

Ling Mo didn’t bother speaking. He had prepared himself to cut off contact at any time, but this was a good opportunity to observe their abilities.

Zhang Yu sniffed it carefully for a while, then revealed a very surprised look.

“This…this can’t be right, the virus in the blood doesn’t seem to be very high at all!”

After listening to Zhang Yu’s words, Yu Wenxuan immediately narrowed his eyes, and Ma Teng revealed an unbelievable expression.

“So that’s it, you can smell the density of the virus from the blood? In addition to the previous probing ability…Could he be a super-powerful psychic?”

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