My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 314 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 314 Part 1 – If Life Can Go Back To A Moment

“X City sure is a really good place, there’s actually zombies like this over here! Hey, little zombie brother, can you give us a reaction at least?”

Yu Wenxuan excitedly reached out with his hand as Ma Teng yelled out and grabbed the corner of the zombie puppet’s mouth and then pulled it to make a smile on his stiff face.

Such a dangerous and crazy thing to do, even Ling Mo, who was controlling the zombie was shocked.

However, he soon discovered that although this person appeared to be very casual, he was actually very vigilant.

If he really did try to bite, Yu Wenxuan would probably subdue him in an instant.

“The population base in X City is too big. With such a big number, the amount of zombies would naturally also be bigger. Since even mutant zombies have shown up, it’s not surprising that there are other kinds of zombies. Fortunately for us, there aren’t many mutated beasts here, otherwise it would be very difficult for us to make an isolation zone.”

Ma Teng nervously wiped his sweat and said.

Zhang Yu said with a cold look, “In fact, when the isolation zone is opened and a large number of survivors enter, it will become very dangerous. Our presence will be like a big fat cake, attracting all the zombies in the city.”

While listening to their conversation, Yu Wenxuan kept fiddling around with the zombie, while the zombie controlled by Ling Mo was watching Yu Wenxuan.

Previously, he didn’t think too much of him, but after watching him for a while, Ling Mo actually thought that this person seemed a bit familiar.

“Could it be an acquaintance? No, I really can’t remember who he is…”

“Let’s take this zombie back to the bus station. It’s not like we can actually figure out anything with our eyes. This could be considered an unexpected achievement. Didn’t the higher ups say that if we find a new type of zombie and deliver it back, there would be a reward?” Ma Teng rubbed his hands and said with a little excitement.

Could they even study something from a zombie that didn’t even have awareness? Even if it was a spiritual type psychic, they still wouldn’t be able to find anything.

Looking at the three very strong Falcon members stare at the puppet as if it was a piece of treasure, Ling Mo couldn’t help but think it was a little funny.

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Seeing that they didn’t talk about anything important, Ling Mo cut off the spiritual connection.

However, it’s really hard to stop the abilities of a psychic. After cutting off the spiritual connection with the zombie puppet, Ling Mo immediately took control of the other zombie puppet and made it hide in a more well hidden place, so as to avoid another accident.

This incident allowed Ling Mo to take a peek at the Falcon Camp’s strength. After the survivors became scattered to all corners of the city, they were basically worms struggling to survive in the zombie world. But once they got together, they gained the ability to compete with the zombies.

Perhaps slowly, humans could really climb to a position that was the same as the zombies.

Or to a position where they could crush the zombies, or even destroy them completely.

Although he was a human being, towards this idea, Ling Mo was a bit nervous, even… worried!

In fact, what Ling Mo wanted most was to see how strong humans have become so far!

Ling Mo knew that by this time, other cities would also have such armed organizations. Otherwise, it would be difficult to survive in this world with just ordinary survivors.

“Hey, little zombie brother?”

Yu Wenxuan pulled his hair and seemed to be tired of playing around, and gradually lost interest.

Ma Teng suddenly sighed and quickly said, “Let’s give this monster to the researchers and let them deal with it. Don’t kill it again. Everytime we catch a zombie, you’re the main reason why it dies…..”

“Fine, whatever you say. But do you really think that the group of idiots back at camp can actually discover something? What’s more, isn’t this more suitable for us, since we were always sitting in front of a computer all day long and bored with life.”

After listening to Yu Wenxuan’s words, Ma Teng had a helpless expression on his face, “Not everyone was sitting in front of computer all day long. Our life previously was indeed a bit dull, but we honestly don’t need this kind of stimulation. Zombies shouldn’t exist and should be completely eliminated. I really don’t get it, you used to be a writer for a horror novel. How come your personality is so twisted? Do you think everyone is like you, unafraid of anything?”

“How could I not be afraid? In the face of this perfect creature, I am trembling in the depths of my soul. But aren’t you guys a bit curious at all? What will this creature eventually evolve into? Humans have stopped evolving for so long. Who knows, maybe we might go extinct. The world probably thinks we should be eliminated.”

Although Yu Wenxuan said that he was afraid, but his very excited expression said otherwise.

However, when Yu Wenxuan patted his butt and was ready to leave, he noticed that Zhang Yuzheng was right next to the corpse and carefully sniffing it.

to be continued…

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