My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 314 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 314 Part 2 – If Life Can Go Back To A Moment

“Zhang Yu, I didn’t expect for your interests to be so unique. This zombie hasn’t bathed for at least half a year. Do you have a fetish for this kind of stuff?”

Yu Wenxuan asked with some surprise.

Zhang Yu expression immediately turned dark. He looked up at Yu Wenxuan and said, “I discovered a strange thing. This zombie has a scent which is very similar to yours.”

“Really? But that’s not unusual since I touched it.” Yu Wenxuan said.

Zhang Yu revealed a puzzled look, “I can’t explain it now, but I really have a strange feeling…forget it, when I figure out the situation, I’ll let you know. Since you haven’t gone crazy yet, let’s take this opportunity to send the zombie back to the bus station and continue our mission. If you don’t complete the mission again this time, that busybody in the intelligence team won’t spare you.”

“Hmph, that group of flies, always looking for problems. With the death of Huang Zhendong, who knows how many people have laughed at their department. The intelligence team should be dying with shame, right? Hahaha…”

Yu Wenxuan smiled.

“It’s still best if we be careful.” Ma Teng reminded.

However, looking at Yu Wenxuan’s relaxed expression, he knew that he didn’t listen at all.

“Let’s go, let me see how strong a X City zombie is, hahahaha….”

As they left, Zhang Yu turned his eyes and stared into the distance, and within his line of sight was the retirement home that Ling Mo and his group was staying in.

His gaze didn’t stop at the retirement home. After looking away, he whispered, “That’s so weird, I know I felt something over there. Although it felt weak…but I still felt it. Unfortunately I can’t detect a specific location, what could be the reason? She couldn’t have just been eaten could she? Fuck it, it’s best if I don’t tell crazy xuan, otherwise who knows what he’ll do….”


“What are you thinking?”

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Shana had currently hooked her feet on the chandelier and was hanging upside down, looking at the scenery outside.

“I was thinking, where should we go in the future…” Ling Mo let out long sigh, leaned back, and just happened to land a kiss on Shana’s face.

She immediately widened her eyes and her body stopped swaying.

There had been a slight problem ever since Shana upgraded.

It seems that the lesson in the spiritual world made her….shy!

Although it is hard to imagine that zombies could be shy, but Shana is a special case after all.

“But…the future…”

Shana did a backflip, landed on ground, and flipped her long hair, “Brother Ling, do you have any dreams?”

“Dreams?” Ling Mo was stunned for a moment and then pondered on it.

Surviving with the girls and helping them restore all their memories shouldn’t be considered a dream, but the goals he worked hard for.

As for dreams…the future is still unclear. Now that the zombies and humans are both unknown factors, the future of these dead cities will also become unpredictable.


Ye Lian also flipped over from hanging upside down, and leaned on Ling Mo’s shoulders. A pair of eyes with a confused look stared into the distance along with Ling Mo.

“Silly girl, do you have any dreams?”

Ling Mo turned to look at Ye Lian with some surprise.

Under the sun, Ye Lian was really beautiful to look at. Ling Mo couldn’t help but remember the countless times in the past where he stared at Ye Lian in this way. At that time, Ye Lian was a quiet, gentle, and occasionally a little naughty girl. She was often tricked by him, but she never got angry… And he stayed like this, obsessively watching Ye Lian, but didn’t dare confess his feelings, afraid that he might destroy this precious feeling.

This was the most regrettable thing in Ling Mo’s heart. Up until now, he was still waiting.

Waiting for Ye Lian to reveal that expression. He wanted to tell her all the words that he hadn’t spoken before.

At this time, Ling Mo remembered a quote, “If life could go back to a moment….”

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