My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 315 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 315 Part 1 – Unexpected Guests

“En. Although…I didn’t want…I didn’t want to remember how it felt to be human, since what I am right now is good… but… without it, I always feel that something is missing…”

There was a strange look in Ye Lian’s eyes as she whispered.

This made Ling Mo suddenly feel very emotional and he couldn’t help but hold her from behind.

After deeply smelling Ye Lian’s scent, Ling Mo said very firmly, “Don’t worry, now that Shana’s issue has been resolved, I will help get you to Leader Level as soon as possible.”

“Brother Ling…. are you…. afraid?”

Ye Lian suddenly asked after nodding her head.

Ling Mo was stunned for a moment, and then revealed a bitter smile.

‘It turns out that my behavior has been so obvious… Even Ye Lian, who is a bit slow, is aware of it.’

“I’m not afraid, just a bit uneasy.” Ling Mo shook his head and said.

At this time, Shana turned around while stroking her hair and said, “Actually, what your thinking is too far into the future. You really don’t need to put so much pressure on yourself. Our survival rate is already much higher than the average person. Being cautious is good, but being too cautious will lead to your current situation. Don’t pay too much attention to the Falcon Camp. We just need to concentrate doing well on our end. No one can say clearly what will happen in the future, but even if there was danger, at least we would still be together, no?”

Without waiting for Ling Mo to respond, Shana walked over to him, put one hand on his shoulder, looked seriously into his eyes, and said, “My dream is that no matter what happens, we will never separate from each other. What about you?”

“Huu….” Ling Mo took a deep breath, then looked at both Ye Lian and Shana before turning his gaze to Li Ya Lin, who was training Hei Si in the inner courtyard.

He nodded, “Understood, any worrying right now is pointless. All I need to remember is this. My dream is also the same.”

“En, don’t humans struggle to survive when they have goals that they wish to complete? All you have to do is put us as your goal and we will be fine.”

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Shana opened her mouth slightly, revealing a sweet smile.

Her smile wasn’t like before. It was smile that came from the heart.

Ling Mo’s heart felt as if it was slammed by a fist, and he couldn’t help but hug Ye Lian more tighter.

‘When will Ye Lian also be like this, showing a real smile from the heart…’

After this conversation, Ling Mo’s impetuous heart had calmed down a little bit, and he began to put all his focus on training his skills.

At the same time, he incorporated a way to hunt gels into his training program. The amount of gels he had in his hands also increased.

This was a back-up plan that he prepared for himself, but if he could, he really wished things wouldn’t develop to that point…

In addition to constant usage of his spiritual tentacles on the girls at night, he also practiced combat training during the day.

Teaching Hei Si had gained great results so far. Basically, she had no problems when it came to walking upright. But if she was alone with Ling Mo, she couldn’t stop herself from pushing Ling Mo down and squatting on top of him with a pair of long legs.

The host that Hei Si found was really attractive. She had a face with a little bit of baby fat, very white skin, and two majestic balls on her chest that weren’t small. Especially those long legs of hers, which was really irritating to look at when they were being covered by her black stockings.

Her favorite posture was to press those two majestic balls on Ling Mo’s chest, and then continue to lick Ling Mo’s neck, trying to express their closeness.

However, every time Ling Mo was pushed down, he would show a helpless look, “It doesn’t matter what your appearance looks like, your actions are exactly the same as a dog’s…. But then again, if you were able to control your genes during evolution, why didn’t you just make yourself look more human? Oh… I guess you’re right, for dogs, human beings aren’t perfect, right?”

Hei Si let out a “Wuu” in response.

Her intelligence now was enough to understand what most of Ling Mo said, but since she was only a parasite, she still wasn’t able to speak.

However, on the plus side of things, ever since Hei Si evolved into that form, she basically became Ling Mo’s super strong signal router. It made Ling Mo’s life much easier.

Every time he thought about how useful she was, Ling Mo would reluctantly endure all the kinds of atrocities she committed…

As for Ye Lian’s evolution, Ling Mo had already developed a plan that works for both him and her.

Exchange of body fluids! Which meant kissing!

to be continued…

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