My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 315 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 315 Part 2 – Unexpected Guests

Although the leader rank virus hive would shrink after each use, it could still be used for at least quite some time.

Not to mention the blood that was collected by Ling Mo from the Spider Empress could also be used for a long time as well.

But after each kiss, Ling Mo would become a bit stiff. He could feel that his body was becoming closer to zombies, but his spiritual force would remain unchanged.


Ling Mo slammed his fist on the wall and then unclenched his fist, “Not bad, my defense has reached a certain degree. For such a strike, it only turned a little reddish, and the bones are completely okay. As my ability to take damage becomes stronger, my survival rate would also increase. My physical strength has improved, but my power in strength didn’t improve much. Could it be because of my physique? My specialty lies within my spiritual force….”

On the walls of Ling Mo’s bedroom, there were fist marks that were densely covered and the depths of each fist mark were different. There were also many blood-stained fist marks as well.

And the punch he just made was the deepest…

Ye Lian slowly absorbed the virus that was leftover and as it slowly accumulated, she waited until she would reach the point where she needed to break through to undergo evolution.

By the time Ye Lian accumulated enough of the virus and her strength had finally reached the peak of advanced zombies, the bus station finally made big moves.

In the past half-month, some people had already started to explore near the retirement home, but with Ling Mo’s method of hiding himself, he naturally wouldn’t allow them to discover him and the girls.

These days, the Falcon Camp seems to have stopped sending out exploration teams. Many survivors were found and then taken to the bus station. More trucks had begun to come from A City to the bus station.

Ling Mo used his zombie puppet to observe and estimated that at least 600 people were transported to the bus station.

Some zombies had also discovered them, but the soldiers were already inside the buildings and had blocked off the roads, before opening fire on them. These zombies basically hadn’t even gotten close before they were destroyed.

A storm was brewing in the city, making this dead city give a different feeling.

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As soon as Ling Mo saw several tanks being pulled over here, he understood that a big battle was coming soon.

Truthfully, at this moment, Ling Mo was actually really excited.

What kind of benefits could he get from this war between humans and zombies?

He would definitely be able to obtain a lot virus gels and probably some weapons as well.

However, before the outbreak of war, a group of uninvited guests showed up nearby at Ling Mo’s retirement home.

The people leading the group were holding guns, while the rest of them looked fearless, holding sharp cutting tools in their hands.

There was only one female in their group, and this seemingly pretty woman was hung around a short fat man.

The fat on the man’s face shook as he rubbed the sweat off his forehead and said, “Those people have good stuff in their hands, and as long as they start fighting with the zombies, we will get a chance to get them.”

“Big Brother, are we really going to do this?”

A man full of pimples asked nervously.

The fat man gave him a look, “Why not? Where did the guns and bullets in our hands come from? Wasn’t it because we killed some of their members in order to obtain them? You even raped the woman that was with them! And the rest of you, who couldn’t control the little birdie in their pants?”

“At the time, one of their members in their team was injured and everyone else was exhausted like a dead dog. Who would have imagined that they belonged to the army….” Another man full of yellow teeth said with a smile. He even tried to grab his crotch when he saw the woman smile at him. The woman then stuck closer to the fat man and threw a flirtatious wink at the man with the yellow teeth.

However, the man with the yellow teeth didn’t dare look at her. He only gripped his crotch tighter.

“Anyways, since we already did it, we might as well go bigger. Don’t you guys get to eat and drink when you with me? Once we get those weapons and escape to the next town, we will become emperors! Whoever is willing to follow them like eunuchs can quickly get out lost!”

The short fat man stuck out his stomach and yelled.

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