My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 316 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 316 Part 1 – Twisted Pleasure

They could be considered one of the powerful survivor groups in this area. However, this group followed laws of the jungle.

As soon as the short fat man spoke, the rest of the group immediately looked at each other in dismay.

After facing a series of misfortune and the daily feeling of despair, allowed some of them to become psychologically twisted.

Torturing the weak, toying with females, and enjoying the hidden perverted pleasures that were once kept locked inside. Only in this way would they feel that they were still very strong and not the worms that were still struggling at the bottom…

To the them, they were the strong ones. The real bugs were those that didn’t even bother to resist…

Once this feeling started, it would be difficult to stop, especially when the pressure from the outside world was getting heavier.

Surviving in the apocalypse was like a stone that constantly got heavier as time went on, and people that were under it got pressured to the point that they couldn’t breathe.

Only those that were psychologically competent could still maintain a normal state of mind in this situation.

While others, either broke down or buried something deep inside their hearts and stimulated themselves to live on.

Ling Mo obviously belonged to the latter. He wasn’t a person whose mind was firm and unshakeable. If he was, he wouldn’t have those confusions or uneasiness.

The same was true when he went searching for Ye Lian.

And he believes that most humans should belong to the latter.

Originally this group had dozens of people in their team, but now there was only a couple of people left, not to mention, they had also met other survivors in the middle of their journey.

The people that didn’t make it had either entered their stomachs or were played around with until they died.

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However, being twisted didn’t mean they had lost rationality. At least the short fat man understood that people like themselves would have a difficult time surviving in such a large survivor camp. A half year of madness can’t be corrected overnight, and once someone finds out, he was most likely going to have a tragic end.

With so many survivors gathered together, the amount of psychics there would definitely be larger. Who knew if there was such a person that had the ability to see another’s past? In short, the short fat man wasn’t willing to take the risk.

“Last time we succeeded, was naturally due to luck…they have too many people and weapons…”

A skinny tall man whispered. His eyes were flickering a little and the hand holding the knife was trembling a little.

He wasn’t one of the short fat man’s trusted subordinates. Despite experiencing pleasure from slitting open someone’s throat, he ended being scared of the aftermath and became timid, destroying all chances of him getting any attention.

“Didn’t I say it already? When the time comes, we will be standing on the side, watching them fight each other. If there’s an advantage, we take it! Who the fuck would be so stupid as to fight with them?” The short fat man said impatiently.

The tall skinny man was still hesitant. He had actually wanted to join the Falcon Camp and he felt that as long as he didn’t say anything, no one would know what he had done before.

However, the fierce gaze from the eyes of the short fat man, made him shut his mouth.

“Let’s hurry up and find a place to stay. There aren’t any zombies in the vicinity. This can be considered a good area, saving us a lot of time.”

The short fat man said, then a change occurred in his eyes.

His pupils were constantly shrinking and expanding.

At the same time, the vision in front of his eyes was similar to that of a infrared night vision goggle.

And the scope of his vision also became large and soon extended to the retirement home.



Hei Si, who was trying to use her feet to scratch an itch, had put down her leg. Her main body that was on the neck immediately moved and more than a dozen silver hairs stood up and slowly swayed in one direction.

“What’s wrong? Also, didn’t I just teach you to use your hand?”

Li Ya Lin, who was practicing a martial arts pose next to her, stopped rotating her body and asked.

“Wu…” Hei Si felt aggrieved and cried out twice, but her face was expressionless and looked like a doll that could make sounds.

She made a gesture, but her ability to express herself wasn’t very good. In the end, Li Ya Lin waved her hand and said, “Forget it, let’s go check it out. It can’t possibly be a zombie, could it? Or could it be possible that its those guys again from before?”

to be continued…

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