My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 316 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 316 Part 2 – Twisted Pleasure

When they walked out the door, the short fat man revealed a excited smile, “There are two people in the courtyard! They’re probably related to the Falcon Camp. If we kill them, we can get two more guns!”

“Our luck is that good?” The man covered in pimples rubbed his hands and said with some excitement.

Even the eyes of tall skinny man brightened, but his face soon returned back to being rigid.

“Baby, if there’s a pistol, I’ll let you play with it, okay?” said the short fat man as he turned his head and touched the woman’s face.

The woman showed a smile and said in a sweet lovey-dovey voice, “Okay! Thank you darling.”

While saying this, she tightened her hug on the the short fat man’s thigh-like arm, pushing her chest together and making a deeper cleavage.

Feeling a few lusty eyes seemingly drift over to her chest inadvertently, the woman’s mouth immediately showed a satisfying smile.


“I also smell it, such a strong bloody smell. Is it a zombie?”

Li Ya Lin was lying flat on top of a wall, her nose moving slightly, as she said in confusion.

Hei Si was also somewhat confused. It seems that both of them were unable to make a judgement.

The terrain over here was very complicated. There were alleys intertwining everywhere, limiting the distance of their field of vision.

But soon, Hei Si let out a “Wuu” and Li Ya Lin frowned, “Something’s not right. They’re moving closer to us. It’s very strange…forget it, it’s too complicated to think about it. Let’s just hide and see who it is.”

Although Li Ya Lin was a leader rank zombie just like Shana, she unfortunately didn’t have Shana’s thinking capabilities. However, she at least retained her instincts as a zombie.

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When facing an unknown enemy, first hide, then ambush.

The same was true for Hei Si. The two of them glanced at each other and soon hid in a dark corner.

In reality, they didn’t hide in any special hiding place. However, when they hid the aura from their bodies, it was as if their bodies had integrated with the darkness, and even their spiritual force activity would stop. With this kind of setup, even psychics with spiritual type abilities would find it hard in discovering them.

The short fat man and his group soon appeared at the entrance of the retirement home. Looking at the serene and quiet courtyard, a man in the group asked suspiciously, “Where are they?”

“Eh? Their heat signatures had suddenly dropped by a lot, but I can still see them. These two people could be experts, be careful. There are also three more upstairs. We can finish them after we take care of these two.”

Li Ya Lin completely didn’t expect that this group of people would be able to discover her. When they slowly approached her, she still remained motionless.

However, as soon as the muzzles from their guns were lifted up, Li Ya Ling immediately felt a sense of crisis.

In a flash, her figure moved, and she appeared in a place not far from this group of people.

The short fat man had almost fired his gun, but he immediately stopped when noticed that Li Ya Lin didn’t have any guns in her hands and was a woman. A very beautiful, sexy, white-skinned young woman!

On the opposite side, two men with guns also approached to Hei Si’s hiding spot. She immediately appeared in front of them before escaping.

“Big Brother, it’s a young girl!”

One of them immediately screamed out with excitement. Hei Si’s host looked very beautiful and that cold expression on her face inspired their interest.

But Li Ya Lin was still the most attractive. Her appearance was like a gorgeous snake woman. Whether it was her face or body, both were deadly temptations that could make you breathless.

Her appearance was even more provocative than the female soldier they played to death a few days ago.

When the two sides met, they all came up with their own ideas.

The short fat man immediately thought, “I can’t believe I actually found two top quality girls in such a place. I must definitely play with both them until they die!”

Li Ya Lin on the other hand thought, “It doesn’t matter whether this group belongs to the Falcon Camp or not, kill first, then figure it out after. In any case, it’s no longer a threat if the threat is removed.

To some extent, the thinking patterns of both sides relied on their instincts…

However, Li Ya Lin and Hei Si both understood the power of firearms and they were facing several guns at the same time. In such an unobstructed courtyard, the danger that they would face was very big!

The two of them ran to the building in unison. Although their speed was ridiculously fast, other than the short fat man becoming a bit more wary, the rest of the men burst out in laughter as they gave chase.

“Run! Run Faster! It’s only fun to play this game when the prey struggles!”|

“It just so happens that they are all in the same building now. These people should probably be just ordinary survivors, right? Hahaha, I haven’t encountered such high quality goods in such a long time…They couldn’t be some kind of movie star could they?”

“This time we hit the jackpot!”

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