My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 317 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 317 Part 1 – Is It A Prey, Or A Hunter?

As soon as they entered the corridor, Li Ya Lin and Hei Si slowed down their movements.

The people behind them slowly entered into the building. Among them, the short fat man raised his gun and fired a warning shot.


The bullet hit the stair railing above them, making a crisp sound.

The other men laughed while using their weapons to hit the iron handrails, making a “Dangdang” sound.

They seemed very familiar in using these kinds of tactics to inflict psychological torture to their targets.

The woman had already been let go by the short fat man. Compared to Li Ya Lin and Hei Si, her appearance was a little bit worse. Li Ya Lin was the type that was unpretentious and natural while this woman’s every move was to show-off.

Her eyes seemed a little unpleasant, but her face still had a fake smile. She happily hooked her hand around the short fat mans arm.

“Could the three upstairs also be like these high quality chicks?”

The skinny tall man asked with excitement as he rubbed his hands. Looking at him, he was practically drooling.

“HAHA, if they really all are, then we really hit the jackpot this time! Fuck, I’ve been suppressing this urge for such a long time. Last time, when it was finally my turn, that female soldier had already stopped breathing!”

A man said uncomfortably.

The man with the yellow teeth let out a high pitched shout, “Pretty little sister, run slower. It won’t be fun if you don’t have the energy to struggle later! Hahahaha….”

The laughter of these men and various voices echoed in the corridor. Li Ya Lin turned her expressionless face towards Hei si and said, “Such annoying humans. These people are the most annoying humans that I’ve ever seen. Surprisingly, the smell of blood on their bodies is even stronger than Brother Ling. However, the feeling of danger they give off is far less than Brother Ling.”

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Hei Si let out a low cry from her throat, as if agreeing to her.”

“They’re basically just like a bunch a male dogs in heat, don’t you agree?”


Li Ya Lin’s mouth suddenly showed a creepy smile, “I suddenly thought of something fun…”

There were seven floors in this building, but because it was an old-fashioned building, the internal structure was quite special.

There would be a long corridor with doors on both sides that lead to 20 different homes on each floor.

There would be an abandoned public bathroom at the end of each corridor.

There was moldy smell with a touch of blood, in addition to spiders being everywhere, as well as dark black blood stains on the walls and doors. Without any lights, this building looked very eerie.

When Ling Mo was selecting a building to stay in, he had taken this into consideration. Not many survivors would choose to stay in such a complicated environment. At the same time, it was also convenient for him to have a way to retreat somewhere in the event of a situation.

However, at this time, there were more than ten survivors here. They were walking along the corridors and kicking open the doors while laughing and making all kinds of threats, even swearing…

However, after Li Ya Lin and Hei Si entered the building, it was as if they disappeared without a trace. Even the three people upstairs didn’t seem to have any activity.

After searching for a while and obtaining no results, the short fat man couldn’t help but be impatient.

Right when he was about to close his eyes and use his ability, he suddenly saw a door in the distance shake a little.

“HAHAHA! FOUND YOU!” The moment his face showed a glee, the fat on his body immediately shook as if it couldn’t wait to go.

And at this time, the skinny tall man, who was walking behind everyone, heard a soft sound behind him. He immediately turned back to look and saw a shadow slip through a door in the back.

“Very smart. You must of thought that the places we already checked were safe, right? Busty beauty with a brain…”

The skinny tall man rubbed his hands nervously and stuck out his tongue to lick his lips.

He looked at the companion in front of him with some hesitation until finally the instincts of his lower body defeated all sense of reason.

“There should be no reason for me to be scared of a girl that is running away to hide…”

After convincing himself a bit more, the skinny tall man slowly walked toward the door.

After pushing open the door, he saw an extremely fresh and pure girl standing in front of a room door, full of panic on her face.

She wore a floral knit jacket on top, a plaid skirt underneath, with black stockings on her legs, and a pair of black bow-knot shoes on her feet.

“Don’t come any closer…”

to be continued…

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