My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 317 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 317 Part 2 – Is It A Prey, Or A Hunter?

The expression on Shana’s face was so realistic that the skinny tall man felt ecstatic.

“HAHA…Another top quality chick. I love prey like you that offer no resistance. Don’t worry, I will slowly tear you to pieces, but first I will need to remove your tongue, otherwise I won’t be able to play with you slowly…Ah! Gege…”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when he felt an invisible chain wrap around his throat. Then he looked at himself in horror as he was hung up a little.

With his feet off the ground, a sense of suffocation came immediately, and he struggled painfully in the air.

A young man appeared from the door. His eyes stared at him with a mocking smile.

“Humans like you are garbage even for us. You can’t even be considered food. At most maybe…expired food.”

When Shana’s figure swayed, she appeared in front of the skinny tall man.

Her eyes suddenly changed color, and a strong pressure made the skinny tall man feel as if his heart was being pinched by someone’s hand.


“Here, let me help you finish saying it. WAH! Come here quickly and look at the zombies! However, this is the last thing you will ever see.”

With a smile, Shana jerked her hand out and quickly pulled it back.

Her movements were so fast that she didn’t even get any blood on her fingers.

The skinny tall man was stunned for a brief moment, and then felt a sharp pain in his chest.

He struggled silently, horrified to see his chest madly spurting out blood.

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The beating of his heart was becoming weaker and weaker….

At the same time, the short fat man had also reached the front of the door.

He excitedly grasped the handle of the door and then pushed it open.

“Little girl, stop hiding, I already saw you!”

He laughed wildly and shouted, then impatiently turned back and waved at his men, “You guys keep looking, this one is mine.”

After saying this, he went inside. The others glanced at each other and then excitedly ran upstairs.

The short fat man didn’t seem to notice that just after he entered through the door, the door slowly closed as if an invisible hand was pushing it.


A sound came out from a room inside, grabbing the short fat man’s attention.

“Little girl, come out quickly, okay? I promise if you be a good girl and come out now, I will let you die happily. Who knows, maybe if you serve me well, I might let you live! Hahaha….”

Just as his voice fell, he suddenly looked back upon catching a glimpse of something.

A figure was standing still near the door of the kitchen.

The short fat man relaxed after taking a closer look.

This girl had a blank expression on her face and looked completely innocent. Based on his experience with women, this girl was absolutely a virgin. Although encountering a virgin would make him very excited, but what makes him even more excited is that this was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

She was just like the perfect wife that all men ever dreamed about. Her facial features were exquisite and the shape of her body was excellent. What stood out the most was her temperament. She gave others the feeling that she was the girl next door, making people feel that she needed to be taken care of. Even if her face was expressionless, she would still make people’s heart warm up.

The short fat man became stunned. At the moment of him being stunned, a unknown force suddenly appeared in his hand.

A feeling of danger immediately came from his heart. He was horrified in seeing Ye Lian’s eyes change color. Ye Lian then flew towards him and he tried to pull the trigger in his hand.

He became so shocked when he found out that he couldn’t pull the trigger. It was as if there was an invisible finger stopping him from pulling the trigger.

At the same time, another invisible hand covered his mouth and then started to squeeze his neck.

Under the sudden sense of suffocation, his hands suddenly burst out with strength and he smashed the gun in his hands at Ye Lian.

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