My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 318 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 318 Part 1 – Don’t Damage My Eyes

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She was actually a zombie!

Such a beautiful girl was actually a zombie!

And after her eyes changed to a blood red color, her aura instantly became extremely cold and bloodthirsty, making people feel threatened deep within their soul.

In addition, this mysterious force that has been tangling him drove the short fat man crazy!

Since the pudgy man had always been able to harm others, naturally he is somewhat capable, and his strength couldn’t be considered weak at all.

He already knew that the girl in front of him was actually a high-level zombie. 

However, with his abilities and the gun, even if he couldn’t defeat her, he could at least still escape out alive.

If this girl could pretend to be a human, then the other two that he just now was definitely zombies as well.

He would definitely be able to survive, but as for the others, they would all die.

But he did not care whether they survived. He was a psychic and as long as he wishes for it, there would always be a large number of survivors willing to follow him.

However, this mysterious force shackled him, making him unable to attack or defend properly.

“FUCK! I actually got cheated by a zombie this time!”

The pudgy man screamed wildly. He almost didn’t avoid Ye Lian’s attacks on multiple occasions.

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He glanced at the door several times, but he was unable to free himself in order to open the door.

The invisible chain around his neck was getting tighter and tighter. 

Although he constantly tried to break free from it, but was unsuccessful every time.


He screamed and madly rushed towards Ye Lian.

It was at this moment when the door suddenly opened. 

He immediately shouted, “Hurry up and help me! This female zombie is too fierce! Fuck, we actually got played. I didn’t expect the prey we killed every day would in turn trap us and make us become the prey instead!”

But when he found the time to look back, he saw a skinny tall man’s body hanging behind him.


Even if the pudgy man was a murderer and was numb to the death of others, when the skinny tall man’s toes suddenly touched his back, he was almost scared to death.


He quickly rolled and crawled towards the door frantically. This situation was too strange for him and had exceeded what he had imagined!

But as soon as he crawled to the doorway, he saw a pair of sneakers appear in front of him.

“Quick, save Me!”

He subconsciously shouted and then climbed up.

But as soon as he saw the young man standing in front of him, the short fat man stopped, stunned.

Ye Lian also stopped attacking and stood behind him, expressionless.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!? Are you a zombie too…?”

He was trapped… The pudgy man’s heart was beating crazily. 

As he was asking, while sneakily extending his hand towards his back and grasping the handle of the knife.

Without waiting for Ling Mo to answer, he violently took out the machete and slashed it towards Ling Mo’s neck, “I don’t care who you are, just die for me!”

However the knife stopped moving in midair. He only needed it to go a little bit lower and he could have cut off Ling Mo’s neck, but unfortunately for him, he wasn’t able to go any lower!

“Come on, cut me.”

Ling Mo smiled and said provocatively as he calmly took a step forward.

The pudgy man was furious as he swung his other fist, but when he was less than ten centimeters away from Ling Mo’s face, something had blocked it, and his arm seemed as if it was caught by something, unable to move.

His current actions were very funny. He arms was lifted, yet he was unable to move them.

His two feet were also rooted to the ground and unable to move.

His enemy was right in front of him, yet he couldn’t attack at all!

No matter how he much he struggled, he couldn’t break free.

Although Ling Mo seemed at ease, he was, however, in a very concentrated state while using his spiritual force.

The pudgy man was like a violent gorilla, his abilities and strength was obviously good.

But unfortunately for him, melee-type psychic’s couldn’t beat Ling Mo unless their strength exceeded his spiritual force.

After improving himself for a while, with the support of three unique female zombies.

Ling Mo’s spiritual force has no doubt increased to his current state. He was now a powerful hunter, able to use invisible and substantial tentacles interchangeably, whenever he wanted. He was just like a deadly trap, letting his enemies fall deeper step by step until they could only struggle in despair before they die.

How could his tentacles be weak? He practiced with three power zombies by doing all kinds of fighting every night!

No matter how strong this pudgy man’s strength was, how could it compare with three female zombies?

to be continued…

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