My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 318 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 318 Part 2 – Don’t Damage My Eyes

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However, his strange sensing abilities made Ling Mo notice something. It seems that zombies aren’t completely unnoticeable when they hide their auras. In the future, if the army equipped themselves with some sort of detection device, the strength of higher leveled zombies would be greatly reduced.

But when he thought about it, the chances of that happening were not likely. After all, the amount of qualified soldiers was just too little. Teams similar to Tom’s only consisted of roughly 20 people each.

Not to mention, they only had a small amount of equipment. Once those were lost or destroyed, it would be impossible for them to recreate new ones…

At this point, the pudgy man had completely drowned in fear and he began to scream, “HURRY UP AND LET ME GO! GUYS COME… GUYS COME AHH! ”

But soon, he heard screams coming from upstairs.

And all those screams belonged to his companions.

The pudgy man’s face suddenly became pale, his thick lips started to tremble, and a large amount of cold sweat appeared on his forehead and nose, “Don’t…. don’t…”

“Are you not attacking me anymore?”

Ling Mo then revealed a strange smile, “Then it’s my turn.”

As he said this, he twisted his neck, then listened to the pudgy man’s screams as his face became distorted, as if a fist had slammed into it.

But Ling Mo clearly didn’t do anything!

“You…. AHH!”

A bloody hole suddenly appeared on his chest!

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The pudgy man spit and shouted out a rain of curses.

However, Ling Mo only responded with mocking smile. Although he didn’t know whether this pudgy man was a good person or not, but he obviously had perverted ideas on Ye Lian and the girls!

If today, Ling Mo and the girls were replaced with ordinary survivors who couldn’t defend themselves, they would probably be tortured to death!

And no matter how much they begged for mercy, this pudgy man would never give them mercy.

For such people, there was no need to be merciful!

The screams inside the building became less and less until all that was left was the pudgy man’s faint wailing.

When an invisible tentacle finally penetrated between his eyebrows, the pudgy man’s face froze with a surprised expression.

Ling Mo looked disgustedly at the mountain of fat slowly falling down and said.

“If I personally used my hands, wouldn’t I be dirtying them?”

After his tentacles became more and more flexible, it was no longer necessary for Ling Mo to use his hands or weapons.

Although bullets were fast, compared to someone’s thoughts, they may be a little slower.

“Brother Ling, what about her?”

Li Ya Lin soon dragged over a tearful woman, while Hei Si moved all the bodies briskly and threw them into a warehouse at the other end of the courtyard.

“Please let me go….”

The woman looked panicky at Ling Mo, constantly writhing her body, trying to break free from Li Ya Lin’s hand.

She soon noticed Ye Lian standing next to Ling Mo and immediately screamed again, “AHHH! MONSTER! ZOMBIES! You people…”


Ling Mo snorted with some impatience. Anyone that could be together with that piece of shit was not a good person.

She sat on the floor, revealing the underwear she was wearing. At this time, a woman who wore a thong was either an insanely strong woman, or a woman who survived by offering sex. This woman was obviously the latter.

Noticing that Ling Mo might have taken a glance at her legs, the frightened woman didn’t forget to open her legs.

“Quickly cover them, don’t damage my eyes!”

Ling Mo wrinkled his brows and said.

His spiritual tentacles directly wrapped around the woman’s head and then began to forcibly break into her spiritual ball of light.

Following the woman screams, Ling Mo immediately saw a lot of pictures.

Most of them were scenes of this woman and the pudgy man doing some rated-R stuff, as well as her private encounters with other men.

There were also some pictures of her, holding down the shoulders of women, or grabbing their hair while admiring their screams.

At the end, Ling Mo found something related to the Falcon Camp. The guns from this group were actually taken from a team that belonged to the Falcon Camp.

All the men were brutally killed while the only female member was tortured to death. This woman was also an accomplice.

Seeing this, Ling Mo’s mouth had already revealed a sneer.

“You should die too. Accompany that man wearing the green hat[1] in Hell.”

Ling Mo’s tentacles powerfully twisted. The woman immediately became stiff, and the look in her eyes immediately faded.

[1] Wearing the Green Hat – Basically the man that’s being cheated on. AKA the pudgy man

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