My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 319 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 319 Part 1 – The War Horn Blows!

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“It seems like it’s still impossible for me to control humans. Zombies and humans are two different species after all. Even if their intelligence were the same, the spiritual activities in a zombie don’t fluctuate as often compared to humans… And it is possible for me to control zombies as my spiritual light ball is much more similar to a zombie’s spiritual light ball.”

Ling Mo frowned and dropped the woman’s corpse.

Currently, he didn’t have the ability to take control of a human yet, however, reading the memories of a human wasn’t too difficult for him, but once read, that person’s brain would be like a crashed hard drive, unable to function anymore.

If he wanted to take control of a human, he would need to completely erase the other party’s consciousness, but this wasn’t possible for Ling Mo currently.

“I shouldn’t be too greedy; my current strength is pretty decent.”

Ling Mo nodded, satisfied with himself.

But when he saw the firearms on the ground, there was a hint of haze in his eyes.

From the woman’s memories, Ling Mo found out that the search radius of the Falcon Camp was very wide.

The isolation zone that they were going to build, was not going to be small.

However, X City was a big city, resulting in the amount of zombies in the city to be outrageous. It was not going to be an easy task to make a stand here.

If Ling Mo wanted to take a mission, now would be his chance.

However, due to his previous incident with Huang Zhen Dong, Ling Mo felt that it would be better if he kept a good distance from the Falcon Camp.

He also had received a large amount of things that were enough to support him for a period of time from them.

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Why should he take risks, when they still had people who disliked physics?

Just before the war started, Ling Mo repacked his equipment.

He had remodeled the bulletproof vest, making it close-fitting and allowing everyone in his group to be able to wear one.

He no longer used the Tang Sword and had instead put a tactical knife around his waist as a backup.

As for the other types of weapons in their inventory, after being serviced and maintained by Shana, they were as good as new and could be used for quite a while.

However, the food shortage was a problem for Ling Mo. Luckily, when the pudgy man and his group delivered themselves to Ling Mo, they had also brought some food.

There was nothing left for him search for in the vicinity. The search team from the Falcon Camp was very professional. Every place they searched would be emptied out to the bone.

Ling Mo reckoned that they would have left by the time Falcon Camp started war, otherwise they could only starve here.

Of course, there was also the other option, which was to rob the Falcon Camp. However, he wasn’t planning to do it as he didn’t want to die here.

A week later, the roads near the station were blocked with obstacles such as cars.

A large number of machine guns were placed on the roof of the cars and nearby building windows.

The cleanup of the zombies began with an extremely abrupt shot.

The gunshot passed through a megaphone and was so loud that it rang through the whole area. Even Hei Si blocked her ears with dissatisfaction.

Ling Mo stood behind the curtains and looked towards the bus station.

The sound of the shot most likely attracted all the zombies within a kilometer or even further. It also probably attracted survivors as well.

“This method is pretty good. Every time they launch a cleanup, they would be able to advance a little. It is safe and effective. No wonder this army successfully established an isolation zone in A City.”

Although he didn’t have any good feelings for the Falcon camp, this kind of fighting style still made Ling Mo admire them.

Soon, in the distance, zombies had started to appear, and it wasn’t just one or two, but hundreds and thousands, possibly even more than ten thousand!

Numerous zombies almost drowned the streets completely. They were like mad dogs swarming, screaming, and rushing towards the station.


A machine gunner whose face had turned deathly pale, swallowed, and then trembled uncontrollably.

Seeing so many zombies rushing towards them, he actually had a feeling of giving up.


The soldier beside him, kicked him and yelled.

However, his forehead and palms were covered in cold sweats. The sense of oppression coming from these zombies were too great.


As a sharp sound came from the bus station, a roar rang, “GIVE THEM HELL!”

Intensive gunfire sounded immediately as flame spouted out from the muzzles, and the zombies charging at the front immediately began to fall.

But the zombies flocked from all sides. A considerable amount were mutated zombies and even advanced zombies was appearing.

Some of them jumped on top of the corpses, and some of them directly pulled themselves up to the windows of the buildings. Even if the corridors were blocked, they still wouldn’t be able to stop them.

However, the defensive areas were also guarded by psychics. Once the zombies broke through, they would engage the zombies in combat.

In only a few minutes, the bus station was overrun with zombies. Both sides were mad with fighting. The barrels of the gun were quickly heating up, blood was splattering everywhere and limbs flying!

to be continued…


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