My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 319 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 319 Part 2 – The War Horn Blows!

Editor: Zephyr04

“Wow! So this is how humans fight!”

Li Ya Lin moved closer towards the window and said with surprise.

Shana also dragged Ye Lian over with her towards the window, quietly looking at the battle below with their eyes sparkling with interest.

Ling Mo nodded and said, “Just in time, we can see what kind of methods they are using. I want to see how much of a threat humans are to us currently.”

He estimated that at the moment, there were roughly 15 psychics that were sent from the Falcon Camp.

This ratio was already very large. It doesn’t take a genius to know that psychics could gather a large number of survivors by themselves and those that were willing to listen to others, weren’t a lot.

The Falcon Camp being able to obtain so many psychics meant that their strength was good.

The first line of defense was quickly broken as the higher levelled zombies began to emerge.

A large number of zombies climbed up on the cars, and screams were immediately heard, and the shots of gunfire paused.

The soldiers at the rear immediately showed a terrified expression. Watching their comrades in the first line of defense getting torn to pieces within a matter of seconds, was a huge psychological impact on them.

At this moment, a man with messy hair, like a madman, climbed onto a tank parked at the back and shouted, “IF YOU DON’T WANT TO DIE, THEN MOTHERFUCKING FIGHT BACK! GET THE SHELLS READY! BLAST THEM TO DEATH!”

His voice sounded so excited, and even though his shouting was quite simple, it seemed to have given confidence to the soldiers.


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“With him there, the defensive line should be fine, right….”

“But he’s the captain, why did he run all the way to the second line of defense?”

“Who the fuck knows, isn’t it better for us that he came?”

The soldiers spoke a few words with excitement and locked their eyes on the first line of defense.

Sweat profusely drip from their foreheads, and even went into their eyes, blocking their vision.

But no one dared to rubbed their eyes!

Dozens of zombies had gotten over the obstacles that were blocking their way and appeared in the empty area that was between the first line and second line of defense.

For these mutated zombies, a distance of five hundred meters could easily be crossed with just a blink of an eye.


The intensive gunfire sounded again. The zombie’s survivability was too strong, coupled with the fact that there was a growing number of zombies from behind, as long as they weren’t hit any vital spots, they could continue to rush over!

Looking as the zombies got closer and closer to them, a soldier automatically pulled the trigger and opened his mouth subconsciously shouting, “AHHH!AHHH!”

Seeing multiple pairs of violent and bloody red eyes getting closer and closer, with fresh blood and pieces of ripped meat on their body, even the entrails were clearly visible. On both hands, were long nails that was similar to sharp weapons….

“I’m going to die! I’m going to die!”

That was the only thought that was residing in this soldier’s mind!

He quickly turned the muzzle to follow the zombie, but the zombie’s movements were so fast as it constantly adjusted its position to avoid fatal injuries.

The bullets hit its shoulders and body, but it didn’t stop its movements!

The soldier watched the zombie leap high into the air. In that split second before the zombie threw itself onto him, a flame burst out in front of him and zombie’s eyes suddenly became burnt black.


After a series of gunshots, the zombie bent over and fell to the ground.

“This person…”

Ling Mo grabbed the window edge and squinted his eyes to get a better look.

The flame appeared out of thin air. It was obviously caused by a psychic. The flames also didn’t last for long before vanishing.

This person had previously attacked Ling Mo’s zombie puppet using the same move, and after personally watching him in action, he could tell that this person was extremely strong.

Having precise control and flexibility of flames was not something every psychic could do.

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